Committee Management

College Academic Committee

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
1Dr.C.Venkata Narasimhulu, PrincipalCoordinator
2Dr Azam Pasha Quadri, Head Mech & Vice Principal AdminMember
3Dr Rajasree Rao, Vice Principal AcademicsMember
4Dr T.K.Shaik Shavali Head , CSEMember
5Dr V.Subramania Barathi, Head, CivilMember
6Dr Syed Anisuddin, Dean  Civil
7Dr  J.Sasi Kiran, Dean First YearMember
8Dr Anees Sultana ,Head, Business StudiesMember
9Dr K.Nagi Reddy ,Head , ITMember
10Mr Abdul Wasay Mudasser, Head, ECEMember
11Dr Santhan Kumar  ,Head, EEEMember
12Dr T.Siva Prasad , Prof MechanicalMember
13Dr Krishna Reddy , Prof CivilMember
14Dr Imthathuullah Khan, Prof CivilMember
15Dr K.Harish , Prof ECEMember
16Dr Badndi Arun Kumar , Prof ECEMember
17Dr S.Khaleel Ahamed , Prof CSE
18Dr Chandersekhar , Prof Business StudiesMember
19Dr Oruganti Somasanker, Prof Business StudiesMember
20Dr Naganjaneyulu ,Professor S&HMember
21Dr Rehana Anjum, Professor ChemistryMember
22Dr Md Sameer Ahmed, Professor ChemistryMember
23Dr Swarnalatha , Professor PhysicsMember
24Dr MVN Vasudeva Sharma  , Professor PhysicsMember
25Dr Mohammed Asadullah Thakur , Prof MechanicalMember
26Dr CH Venkateswara Rao ,Professor ECEMember
27Dr Venkateshan, Professor ECEMember
28Dr Arul Prakash , Professor EEEMember
29Dr Mohammed Yousuf Ali , Prof MechanicalMember
30Dr Anwarullah , Prof MechanicalMember
31Dr Ramana Naik , Professor CSEMember
31Dr S.R.M .Krishna , Professor CSEMember
32Dr Malgireddy Saidireddy , Professor CSEMember
33Mr. Srinivas, LibrarianMember
Roles & Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the programs of internal reviews of learning and teaching
  • To be vigilant about the annual academic process
  • Regular analysis of course information and conduct evaluation through questionnaires and feedback in each semester
  • Regular staff (faculty & administrative) meetings are held along with managerial bodies to discuss on current issues, proposed programs etc, wherein optimum attendance is maintained
  • To advise the Chairman on all areas of academic matters and suggest improvements in academic programs
  • To suggest measures for improvement of library, workshop and training facilities
  • To organize seminars/short – term courses for academic development
  • Any other function entrusted by Governing body from time to time
  • Members of the committee give their suggestions and directions for the smooth running of the college in academic aspect
  • Review the academic and other related activities of the college
  • Review the students and faculty development programs
  • Visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the college; • Prepare and review Academics Calendar and
  • Class Routine for the college
  • Review and update the College Prospectus
  • Draft Concise Leave Rule for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College
  • Decide the introduction of Students Uniform in the College
  • Promote research and extension activities in the college campus
  • Plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  • Keep vigilance on the attendance of teachers and regularity in taking the classes
  • Review student’s attendance/malpractices in examinations
  • Oversee the internal examinations/evaluation/recording
  • Take disciplinary action to the students for violation and disobedience to the college rule.
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