Advisory Committee

College Advisory Committee


College Advisory Committee focuses on the long view and promotes the growth and success of an organization or program, supports continuous quality improvement and expands networks of knowledge and influence essential to navigating opportunities and challenges.
College Advisory Committee ensures that curriculum meets industry standards and that classroom, labs, instructional equipment and materials are of state-of-the-art quality.
CAC assists by providing faculty and students opportunities to share the best in applied learning, hands-on skill development and workplace practices. Through industry and community networks, CAC also advocates by helping promote programs and services, providing relevant information to those in need of a quality education.


  • Advisory committees assist in implementing the philosophy of the institution and developing goals and objectives for program success and sustainability.
  • They ensure that the program offerings meet the needs of the students and community and provide a connection with community groups that share common interest in education and economic development.

    • Advocates, advises and assists on behalf of improving academic programs
    • Provides comments/suggestions in articulation/refinement of courses and policies
    • Verification of curriculum design, instructional methodology and delivery mechanisms and assessments
    • Approval of regulations
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