Committee Members

Alumni Coordination Committee

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
S.No.Name of the Committee MembersDesignation & DepartmentPosition
1.Dr. C. Venkata NarasimhuluPrincipalChairman
2.Dr. Syed Azam Pasha QuadriProfessor, HOD, MechConvener
3.Dr. T. Shaik ShavaliProfessor, HOD, CSEMember
4.Mr. Abdul RasoolAssistant Professor, CSEMember
5.Mr. PrashanthAssistant Professor, MechMember
6.Mr. Surender ReddyAssistant Professor, ECEMember
7.Ms. Sueba KhatoonAssistant Professor, CIVILMember
8.Mr. KarthikAssistant Professor, EEEMember
9.Mr. Md. Khaja Muzzafar UddinAssistant Professor, PetroleumMember
10.Mr. MD. Mufassir ChandaAssistant Professor, MBAMember
11.Adnan AkramStudent, MechMember
12.Nabeel AhmedStudent, MechMember
13.Musharraf AnwarStudent, MechMember
14.Bandaru Sri HarithaStudent, ECEMember
15.Zuveria SamarStudent, ECEMember
16.Sai Krishna GoliStudent, ECEMember
17.Soban Al HaqueStudent, CSEMember
18.Obaid KhanStudent, CSEMember
19.Asim UddinStudent, ITMember
20.M Mohammed MustafaStudent, CivilMember
21.Mohammad Abdul NayeemStudent, CivilMember
22.Mohammad Abdul MudassirStudent, CivilMember
23.Ahmed AliStudent, EEEMember
24.AleemuddinStudent, EEEMember
25.Mohd. MuneesStudent, EEEMember
26.Mir Saif AliStudent, PetroleumMember
27.Abdullah BawazeerStudent, MBAMember

The Role of the Coordinator:

  • Manages the Alumni Affairs Office to ensure that it is operating in an efficient and effective manner in advancing the LIET goals and objectives.
  • Develops a year planner outlining the goals and objectives of the Alumni Affairs aimed at maximizing alumni interest.
  • Update and maintains an Alumni Database, Website, Alumni Network, and an online Alumni Community.
  • Conducts necessary surveys and analysis of graduates (employment information) and provides online information to graduates and members.
  • Builds an Alumni Volunteer Program through mailing, phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Promotes Lords alumni networks and services via online social networking sites such as the college own site, LinkedIn and Facebook, and to develop new ways of leveraging these methods of engagement.

The Role of the Faculty member:

  • Design web page for alumni cell.
  • Take necessary action to establish alumni chapters and to conduct various programs.
  • Create the network to establish alumni chapter.
  • Plans and conducts the alumni meet every year in our college premises to make the program grand success.
  • Develops the implementation of a telephonic, online follow-up and support program for college alumni.
  • Develop communication plan to contact alumni post-treatment, maintain alumni database for implement and summarize alumni survey.

The Role of the Student member:

  • Supports the coordinator and faculty for developing web page.
  • Support the coordinator and faculty to establish alumni chapters and to conduct various programs.
  • Supports in creating the network to establish alumni chapter.
  • Supports the coordinator and faculty for conducting the alumni meeting and develops the good relationship for carrier guidance.
  • Support faculty members and make the students to attend the program for their growth and development.
  • They promote the institute to potential students
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