Committee Management

Anti Ragging Cell

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & ResponsibilitiesProcedure
1Dr.C.Venkata Narasimhulu, PrincipalCoordinator
2Mr Mohammed Ali, Asst Professor,S&HMember
3Dr. Imthatullah Khan,  Professor  , Civil EnggMember
4Mrs Simhana Devi , Asst Professor, Mechanical EnggMember
5Mr Kareem , Asst Professor,EEEMember
6Mr Domala Narsaiah,  Asst Professor ,ECEMember
7Mr Panduranga Chaitanya, Asst Professor,Petroleum EnggMember
8Dr Shanker , Business StudiesMember
9Mr Damera Venkatesh, Asst  Professor,ITMember
10Mr Shaik Mehboob, Asst Professor, CSEMember
11Mohd Wasif Ali(ECE)Student Member
12Anas Mushtaq Mohammed(IT)Student Member
13Md Muzammil(EEE)Student Member
14Ghanathe Pavan Kumar  (Mechanical )Student Member
15Mr. Syed Abdul Arshad Ghazi ( Civil)Student Member
16Syed sadath Ali(Business Studies)Student Member
Roles & Responsibilities

  • To be vigilant at all hours all around the campus and other places vulnerable to incidents of, and having the potential of, ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.
  • To make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents and having the potential for ragging.
  • To conduct an on-the-spot enquiry into any incident of ragging referred to it by the faculty or student or parent or guardian, as the case may be: and the enquiry report along with recommendations shall be submitted to the Head of the Institution for action.
  • To ensure the display of posters on Institution and Department Notice Boards and other prominent designated places.
  • To offer services of counseling and create awareness to the students.

Measures for Curbing Ragging

  • Every student, at the time of admission/re-registration will be supplied Anti-Ragging Regulations of the college.
  • The college higher Authorities shall take necessary steps to sensitize students, parents, authorities about the gravity of ragging.
  • This is done with the help of audio-visuals, electronic and print mediums. Posters, banners and pamphlets highlighting the menace of ragging and its serious consequences are pasted on conspicuous places in the college.
  • Institute also provides instructions on whom to contact in case of incidence or attempt at ragging.

  1. The information on ragging can be received in the following manner :
    1. Through the notified contact details of the Committee members.
    2. Through any other member of the Institute.
    3. From any external source.
  2. In the event of receipt of information of ragging by any of the officers mentioned at (i) above, he/she will promptly alert/inform the Chairman of the Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute or any of its members. The activity shall be completed, at the most, within two hour of receipt of this information.
  3. The Anti-Ragging Commitee of the Institute shall promptly conduct a preliminary on the spot enquiry and collect details of the incident as available prima facie. The preliminary investigation/details of the incident shall be immediately brought to the notice of the head of the Institute. The activity shall be completed, at the most, within twenty hours of receipt of information.
  4. The Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute shall complete the enquiry and submit its report along with recommendations to the Chairman of the Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute within fifteen days of the incident.
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