Code of Ethics for Research

R&D Consultancy Cell

Code of Ethics for Research


Motivation, Encouragement and Enrichment of the quality of Academic and Research activities well within the Faculty and students to publish and undertake industry oriented projects.


Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology is committed to maintain and encourage the quality research in engineering and management areas. The institute has drafted in place the code of Ethics for checking malpractices and plagiarism in all scholarly activities. This has been warranted in view of any malpractice or Plagiarism while publishing the academic content by faculty or students. The Institution insists amidst the faculty and students to be aware of the repurcation of plagiarism. So, following the drafted research ethics the integrity and dignity of the Institution is well maintained.


R & D cell has been constituted to enhance the quality of academic research in the institution. The committee comprises all PhD holders of the institute to assess the faculty research/PG and UG Research Publications /Research Proposal/Thesis Work/Project Reports. This team aims at verifying the levels of plagiarism in the research work and ensures high academic and production standards in order to facilitate the Faculty by way of incentives by the management.

A process for sanctioning the incentives for research publications/books/chapters/patents have been introduced and in place to ease out the academic and research activities. The whole process is routed through the Dean R & D and consultancy, then IQAC and Principal’s Office.

Further the industry based consultancy in the form of third party QC works also has a policy framed and in action which enables the institution to grant bonus time to time to the concerned Consultancy department.

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