Research Initiatives

R&D and Consultancy Cell

Initiatives Taken to inculcate the Spirit of Research amongst Faculty And Students are as Follows
A.Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) is established to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture in LIET and to foster the techno entrepreneurship for generation of wealth and employment by LIETIANS. The IEDC helps the student community to conduct the research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities. The main objective of promoting an entrepreneurship among the youth is to nurture the passion for self- employment. This will open the gates for the creation of a new knowledge-based innovative hi-tech ventures, industries and a new breed of techno entrepreneurs and more avenues of employment opportunities, thus turning the job seekers into the job creators and in this process, leading a nation towards the industrial excellence and the self-reliance. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of this college aims towards achieving the above.
To have your own Start-up you need to know the “Technical know-how” of today’s industry. Here we provide such an incubation centre for students to develop, evolve, and learn fromtheir mistakes and PROGRESS.
The significant factors indicating potential growth in the research activities includes the enhancement in the research publications in peer reviewed journals, Research Projects/ grants, Patents, Collaborations, Doctoral program and Faculty development. R & D cell is focusing the attention on the following major activities:
C. Research Publications
As a result of tireless efforts taken in the research activities, the college has to its credit many research publications in National and International peer reviewed Journals. The faculty members have also presented research papers in various reputed national and international conferences. The total 296 plus research papers have published during academic Year 2019- to 2022.
D.Research Projects
One of the important criteria to judge the performance of research output of the institution is to obtain recognition by reputed Government/Autonomous sponsoring agencies towards generation of funds to conduct quality research. The institute would attempt to receive a number of research grants from agencies like DST, AICTE, IEI, DRDO, CSIR etc. in near future. In addition to this, LIET has also encouraged the faculty members to initiate research by giving the seed money to undertake various minor research projects.
E. Ph. D Programs
Quality engineering education coupled with innovative research and development is absolutely essential towards the overall faculty development. The LIET encourages higher education of faculty members to keep abreast of continuous technological development.
Accordingly Institute promotes participation of faculty in innovative research by providing a conducive environment, necessary facilities and motivation.

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