Committee Members

Sports & Games Cell

Committee CompositionFaculty MembersStudent MembersRoles & Responsibilities
S.No Staff memberDesignationPositionE MailPhone No
1.DR. C V NarasimhuluPrincipalChairpersonprincipal@lords.ac.in9866472744
2.Mr.Mohd Habeeb KhanPhysical DirectorConvenorSports@lords.ac.in8317648405
3.Mr.Mohd Khalid AhmedAsst Professor Mechanical EnggCoordinatorKhalidahmed@lords.ac.in9700252788
4.Mr.RizwanAsst professor Civil EnggMemberRizwan@lords.ac.in8143732123
5.Mr.KarthikAsst Professor EEE EnggMemberKarthik@lords.ac.in9705647462
6.Mr.EshwarAsst Professor ECE EnggMemberBeshwar@lords.ac.in7207102639
7.Mr.VenkateshAsst professor CSE enggMemberVenkatesh@lords.ac.in9989440617
8.Mr. Naseer uddinAsst Professor

S&H Dept

9.Mr.Khaja MuzaffarAsst Professor Petroleum EnggMembermuzaffar@lords.ac.in7032896295
S.NoName of studentDepartmentRoll no Position Phone No
1.Samir Ahmed AnsariCIVIL15M21A0114Student member8143157003
2.Mohd parvez pashaCSE17M21A0540Student member7032775160
3.Mohd sohail baderCSE17M21A0534Student member818479660
4.Md zeeshan hyderCIVIL16M21A0184Student member9581412959
5.Mohd misbah uddinCSE16M21A05D0Student member9542251926
6.Hamza naimat ullah khanCSE17M21A0545Student member7661062420
7.Mohd junaidCSE17M21A0585Student member8374005601
8.Mohd nayeem ullahMECH16M21A03K1Student member8179127627
9.Abdul Rahman NasserMECH16M21A03D6Student member9676825286
10Mohd saif ur RahmanMECH17M21A0381Student member8186976902
11Abdul Rahman bin aslamIT160919737004Student member9346120980
12Mohd abdul HaseebCIVIL160919732027Student member9515982273
13Syed Ibrahim AmaanIT160919737098Student  member7337038020
14.AleemuddinMECH18M21A0201Student  member9703802911
15.Abdul BasithMECH17M21A0366Student  member8187864461
16.Abbas Ali khanIT160919737001Student  member8978951294
17.Syed Fawaz UllahIT160919737096Student  member7386997056
18.Mohd AshfaqCSE17M21A05A4Student  member8464932336
19.Mohd Abdul ArshadMECH17M21A0392Student  member7995465729
20.Ammar ahmed shaikhIT160919737011Student  member7075650034

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The committee shall promote sports activities by motivating students and faculty members.
  • Establishing necessary facilities for sports and games.
  • Budgeting the funds for organising sports tournaments.
  • Conducting orientation programmes for students and faculty members.
  • Conduct of selection trails to pick up talented players for participation at inter collegiate tournaments.
  • Establishing and updating the facilities at gym.
  • Coordinating with the departments for putting special focus on winners in inter-university and zonal competitions.
  • Preparing the annual report of accomplishments in sports games.
  • Discarding the outdated, damaged and sports and games and gym equipment with adequate replacements.
  • Cultivating daily fitness training habits among students, faculty and staff members.
  • Identifying and utilizing the services of resource persons for the training of students in various sports and games.
  • Promoting team spirit by making healthy competition.
  • To organise regular sports events in order to train students for state and national level competitions.
  • To arrange for better coaching facilities.
  • Proper maintenance of sports accessories and grounds.
  • To provide necessary infrastructure for sports.
  • To provide first aid facility during sports and games activities.
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