Committee Management

Website/ICT /Internet Cell

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Sr NoName of FacultyRole
1Mr.Abdul Rais, Assistant Professor, CSECoordinator
2DrĀ  Mohd Sameer, Asst Professor,S&HMember
3Mr. Khaja Musab Manzoor, Asst Professor,Civil EnggMember
4Mr Mohammed Abdul Junaid, Asst Professor,Mech EnggMember
5Ms.Mohammedi Juveria, Asst Professor,CSEMember
6Mr Abdul Kareem, Asst Professor,EEEMember
7Mr B.Eshwar, Asst Professor,ECEMember
8Mr Venkatesh, Asst Professor,ITMember
9Mrs J.Jaya Lakshmi, Asst Professor,Business StudiesMember
Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • To coordinate with website committee faculty members, discussing about any website updating, taking suggestions from higher level or management for website updation.
  • To coordinate the Dept-wise website committee faculty members that the information from Dept-wise/college events to be collected with detailed programme & photographs shall be mailed webadmin@lords.ac.in
  • To coordinate the Web development technical member to place the data appropriately on the website.
  • To coordinate and updated the website regularly, For all the completed events, a detailed report along with photographs and news-paper clippings shall be mailed within 2 days of completion of the event/program. It is also required to mention the appropriate location where the information is to be hosted on the website.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members

  • To collect and follow up the data with photos from concerned event coordinators in Dept-wise or College events/programs conducted on dept-wise.
  • To verify the data collected from concerned event coordinators and make the data alignment or additions(if missing) with photos and final data to be submitted to website technical member through webadmin@lords.ac.in
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