Administrations & Advisors

Administration & Advisors

Electrical and Electronics Engineering department works relentlessly towards ensuring the best of facilities and Academic Environment to the students. We realize that it is a collective effort and hence all faculty members are assigned responsibilities. Depending upon their experience and interest, faculty members are assigned Central or Department level roles.

At the Department level, an Academic Audit Committee ensures smooth functioning of the Department. The following are the members for the Academic Year 2019-20

1Dr. P. Mahes KumarProfessorConvener
2Mr. Venkata KrishnaAssociate ProfessorMember
3Mr.T Santosh KumarAssociate ProfessorMember
4Mr.Haleem AtherAssistant ProfessorMember
5Mr. V.KarthikAssistant ProfessorMember
6Mrs.B.HarikaAssistant ProfessorMember
7Mrs.G.SwethaAssistant ProfessorCoordinator

Our efforts are reviewed by a Department Advisory body that meets once every semester and guides us for our future course of action. The following are the members of Department Advisory Body

1Dr.C.Venkata NarasimhuluPrincipal,LIETChairman
2Dr. Mahes kumarProfessor & HODConvener
3Dr. Shankar RamProfessor, Dept. of EEE, JNTU-H Hyderabad .AcademicianMember
4Dr. Ravi KumarProfessor, Dept. of EEE, Malla Reddy Engineering College For Women -Hyderabad. AcademicianMember
5Dr. S ManikandanManaging Director, Pentagon Rugged Systems (India) Pvt ltd.Industry RepresentativeMember
6Mr.Vineeth KumarElectrical Engineer, Appidi Technologies Pvt Ltd-Hyderabad. Alumni RepresentativeMember
7Mr. MehtabFinal Year Student,Student RepresentativeMember
8Mr. MD Azam ShareefCircle Inspector, Dept. of TS Police, Govt. of Telangana.Parents RepresentativeMember
9Mrs.FarzanaTeacher, Dept. Of Education, Govt. Of Telangana.Parents RepresentativeMember
10Mr. R.Venkata KrishnaAssociate. ProfessorMember
11Mr. V. KarthikAssistant ProfessorMember
12Mrs.G.SwethaAssistant ProfessorCoordinator
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