Parents Teacher Meet 2K24

Parents Teacher Meet 2K24

Parents Teacher Meet 2K24

Science & Humanities

Name of the Event: Parent-Teacher Meeting-II

The Science and Humanities Department organized the Parent-Teacher Meeting-II on July 6, 2024, from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm at the First Year Block in the College Campus for B.E. First Year Students. During the PTM, Teachers / Mentors discussed the Student’s Academic Progress i.e. Assignment, Surprise Test, Theory CIE-I, Lab Internal-I Marks, Attendance, Overall development, observations and other relevant matters like engagement in Activities. Total 714 parents attended the meeting.

Date: 6th July, 2024

No. of Participants: 714

Information Technology

Name of the event: Parent-Teacher Meeting

Description: On 06th of July 2024, the Parent-Teachers Meeting was conducted for B.E.II & III year in Seminar Hall-IV Floor as per the schedule where the issues related to the mentoring, performance of the students in academics, curricular, extra-curricular activities and other developmental aspects of the students were discussed with the Parents and Guardians.The meeting was held in presence of the Principal, Dean Academics, HoD, Mentors and the Class In-charges.During the discussion it was also informed the required support which department is extending towards the development of each and every child and at the same time the supports which are required from the parents for growth of their ward.

Date of event: 06-07-2024

Organized by: Department of IT

No of Participants: 145

Department of CSE-AIML

Name of the event: Parent Teacher Meet

Description: Parent Teacher Meeting was held on 6th July, 2024 at CSE-AIML Department at Room no 103. It was organized to discuss the performance of students with their parents. Parents were given responses on their ward’s performances. Excellent communication was maintained between the instructor and the parents regarding their child’s development, and they discussed both the child’s strengths and places for improvement. The Department provided the parents with a progress report that contained details regarding Ward attendance and internal test results. The recommendations from the parents were duly noted. All children, whether in the lower, middle, or upper range, who show signs of not improving are looked into and helped.

Organized by: Department of Computer Science and Engineering- AIML

Date of event: 06/07/2024

No of Participants: 68(second year), 39(third year)

Department of ECE

Name of the event: Parent-Teacher Meeting

Description: The ECE department of LIET conducted a Parent-Faculty Meeting (PTM) on 6th July 2024. This session aimed to foster constructive dialogue between faculty and parents, discussing academic progress, career guidance, and overall student development. It strengthened collaboration and ensured students’ academic journey which is supported comprehensively.

Organized by: ECE

Date: 06/07/2024

No.of parents attended: 41

Department of CSE

Name of the event: Parent Teacher Meeting

Description: The Parent Teacher Meeting of the CSE department was conducted on 6th July 2023, in CSE Seminar Hall for 6th Sem 3rdyear students and 4th Sem 2nd year students. The academic progress of the students, their performance in CIE-1, attendance percentage, previous semester results, and activities conducted in the college, guest lectures, technical training, placements and professional bodies membership were discussed with the parents. Parents and students were counselled on how much time to spend on a daily basis to prepare to get good marks in the exam. Students were also suggested to enroll in advanced programming courses, beyond the syllabus to get job ready till the end of their engineering course. Feedback, remarks and suggestions were taken from parents as well. The progress report for the current semester was handed over to the parents. Those students having consistently less attendance are recognised and counselled students and informed parents to send their wards regularly.
The main aim of this meeting was to build a healthy relationship among the teachers, parents and students. Head of the Department, Deans, Class In-charges, mentors interacted with the parents. Honourable Secretary madam, Principal Sir were present at the meeting and also spoke to the parents. There were around 31 participants.

Date of event: 6th July, 2024

Organized by: Department of CSE

No of Parents attended: 80

Department of CSE-Data Science

Name of the event: Parent Teacher Meet

Description: The Department of Computer Science Engineering (Data Science) successfully conducted a PTM on 6th July 2024. It was a productive session where we discussed various aspects of our students’ academic and personal growth. We provided detailed insights into each student’s performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. We have taken valuable feedback and suggestions from parents, which will help us enhance our teaching methods. We discussed upcoming projects and events for the next term to keep parents informed and involved.

Date of event: 06th July, 2024

Organized by: CSE-Data science

No of Parents attended: 60

Mechanical Engineering

Name of the event: Parent Teacher Meeting

Description: The Department of Mechanical Engineering has conducted the Parents-Teachers Meeting for IV Semester and VI Semester and informed the Progress, Academic Performance, Attendance and Precautions for better performance. A total of 52 Parents had attended the PTM on 06-07-2024.

Date of event: 06/07/2024

Organized by: Mechanical Engineering

No of Parents attended: 52

Civil Engineering

Name of the Event : Parent Teachers Meet

Description: Department of Civil Engineering has conducted our Parents-Teachers’ meeting in offline mode on 06-07-2024 at Civil Engineering Department Library from 10.00 am to 5.00pm. The meeting was held to declare the result of even semester and CIE- I results. The purpose of the Parents Faculty Meetings is not only to make parents aware of their ward’s academic performance but also to encourage and motivate students to excel in Semester End Examination. Mentors made the parents and the students aware of autonomous marks distribution, passing marks for CIE and SEE.

Organised by : Civil Engineering

Date of event : 6th July, 2024

No of Parents Attended: 28

Department of EEE

Name of the event: Parent-Teacher Meeting

Description: The Parent-Teacher Meeting on July 6, 2024, at the EEE Department of Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology, involved 09 parents. Key activities included speeches, a department visit, and one-to-one interactions discussing student progress. The meeting aimed to foster healthy relationships between parents and the institute.

Organized by: EEE

Date: 06/07/2024

No.of parents attended: 09

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