Student Clubs

Student Clubs

At Lords, there is a firm belief that it is easier to groom one’s personality when they learn while doing it. There are many student run clubs that are in place for students to take charge and lead in getting things done. Every Department has a Professional Student run Association with office bearers and teams to organize and coordinate for various events. The following is the list of Professional Clubs.

  • ACE – Computer Science Engineering
  • MEGSO – Mechanical Engineering
  • ELECT-ERA – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • ANIONS – Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • TAMEER – Civil Engineering
  • SYNERGY – Management

The above clubs coordinate and organize student run intra-college technical, cultural and sports events. Details of activities can be found in the respective Department section.

In addition to the Professional Clubs, the Institution also runs clubs to mould students’ interests. Student run clubs in the Institution include

  • Orators Club (Presentation Skills)
  • Scholastic Tutelage (Writing Skills)
  • Leading-Edge Rivulets (Literature Review)
  • Photography Club
  • Blockchain Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Technology Club
  • Ek-Kahani Club
  • Social Club
  • Women Entrepreneurs Club
  • Talkspiration Club
  • Landscaping Club

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