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IT Students Association (ITSA) is a student association initiated by Department of Information Technology. The motto of the association is to encourage the students for expressing their talent in Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities, learn from alumni, faculty and peers. ITSA conducts competitions in Technical, Cultural and Sports events.


  • To encourage students to develop their intra-personal skills, self-confidence, communication skills, general knowledge by conducting Debates, Quiz, Paper Presentation competitions etc.
  • To encourage students to enhance their interests in extracurricular activities by conducting competitions like Dancing, Singing, Role plays etc.
  • To enable students to develop a healthy competitive spirit by competing with students of other departments & colleges, via Intra & Inter Collegiate events.
  • To provide a platform to students for knowledge sharing by organizing guest lectures, workshops.
  • To provide students with scope and encouragement for the expression of their talent.

Roles and responsibilities of the Secretary

  • To plan activities under department association.
  • To conduct meetings related to activities to be organized and related issues for smooth functioning of the association.

Roles and responsibilities of the Convener

  • To plan the co curricular activities of the department in coordination with department regular activities.
  • Motivating & encouraging the students of the department to participate/ register in various co curricular activities.
  • To allot the activity coordinator for each activity in association with the department HoD.
  • To keep records, summary and documentations of all the events or activities organized.
  • To prepare Minutes of Meeting for every meeting conducted.
  • To upload the events organized data in to the website.

Roles and responsibilities of the Faculty coordinator

  • To prepare the circulars and scheduling of the events.
  • Motivating the students and registering the students to the stated activity.
  • Recording of the events and preparation of documents of the organized events/activities i.e., registration forms, winners list, feedback forms.
  • To prepare the report of the event or activity which they had organized.

Roles and responsibilities of the Student members

  • To motivate the fellow students to participate in the activity.
  • To act as a organizer & volunteer to the activity and participant to that event.
  • To provide feedback on the organized event/activity.

Convener:  Dr. K Nagi Reddy
Faculty Coordinator:  Mr. Suraj Prakash Yadav

Sr No Name Roll No. Designation
01 Uzair Mirza Baig 160919737115 President
02 Ibaad Mohammed Hameeduddin 160919737022 Vice President
03 Md Zaheer Uddin 160920737303 Associate President
04 Abdul Rahman 160920737014 General Secretary
05 Syed Minhaj 160920737115 Joint Secretary
06 Shaik Umair Ahmed 160920737021 Treasurer
07 Omer Mohammed 160920737102 Designing
08 Mohd Hussain Shareef 160920737150 HR & Documentation
09 Mir Firasath Ali 160920737301 Photography
10 Mohd Samee Uddin 160919737068 Graphic Designer
11 Mohammed Haroon Hussain 160920737063 Sports
12 Syed Saad Ullah 160921737037 Hospitality
13 Abdul Bari 160921737130 Discipline
14 Mohammed Uzaffar 160921737122 Organizer
Date Name of the Event Resource Person / Chief Guest
18-12-2023 Workshop on Virtual Steering – Game Dev 1.Mr. Afnan Abdul Vasay, Founder and Lead, CWH
2. Ms. Rida Kareem, Member, CWH
05-09-2023 Teacher’s Day Celebration Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary – LIET
03-04-2023 to 06-04-2023 A 3-Day Workshop on Amazon Web Services 1. Mr. Uzair Mirza Baig, IT IV year
2. Mr. Ibaad Mohammed, IT IV year
3. Mr. Sharib Khan, IT IV year
03-11-2022 to 04-11-2022 National level Technical Fest Teck Fiesta 2k22 Dr. P.V.Sudha, Professor CSE Department, University College of Engineering, Dean- Faculty of Informatics, Osmania University, Hyderabad
24-09-2022 International Daughter’s Day Celebration 2022 Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary (LIET)

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