R&D Consultancy

R&D Consultancy Cell


Research and Development (R & D) generally refers to longer-term enterprises in Engineering and technology, using techniques without proposed outcomes and with huge anticipations of commercial needs. To remain as a leader of discovery, one should investigate like a scientist and aggressive like an engineer. To attain satisfaction one needs results; publishable and applicative. R&D flourishes only where students and experienced faculty works synthetically.

R&D Cell is established at LIET, to promote research-based teaching and learning thereby preparing students for successful careers. Further to promote the research activity and functions of teachers and students in the right direction. This cell focuses to imbibe a research culture in the campus by encouraging teachers and students to develop basic innovative thinking, work on minor and major projects, sponsored research funding, extension and developing consultancy services by associating with the Industry. It also encourages faculty members to publish technical papers in refereed journals, national and international conferences with a suitable financial assistance being given to such faculty members from the management funds.

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