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Public relations press & media, publications cell involve liaising directly with the people or group responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media for broadcasting on the institutional activities, official publications like magazine, newsletters, college brochure. The goal of media relations is to maximize positive coverage in the free-to-air mass media.

Public relations press & media, publications cell at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad acts as the interface between the college and external entities such as corporates, general public, press-coverage, publications and all other media related activities. The aim of the cell is to create, foster and manage professional relationship with all stake holders.

This cell looks after all communication and publications both internal and external and also serves as the official spokesperson of the college. It is responsible for facilitating the activities of maintaining a rich Industry connect program by means of organizing Conclaves, Annual Day, Guest Lectures, Workshops and various other such interactive events. The role of this cell is to manage continuous relationship with external stakeholders through suitable media related activities. It accomplishes this through engagements with the print media and by facilitating college’s online presence across various platforms. It also manages internal communication by reporting events, activities-both curricular, co-curricular and sports and achievements to the administration, faculty and student community apart from recording of all related events and activities. Apart from focusing on Corporate Interactions, one of the major activities of this cell is to provide necessary assistance to prospective candidates in their admission related queries, thereby supporting the admission process conducted at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad.

Functions of the Cell

The Public relations press & media, publications cell at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad is an authorized and authentic source for up-to-date information about various activities in the area of academics, research and development, etc. of the college. The public relations press & media, publications cell is broadly involved in the following areas of work:

Media Liaisoning
The office is the single point-of-contact for any media house and personnel interested in covering the college. The department replies to media queries, prepares and communicates press invitations and press releases on a regular basis, apart from organizing press conferences and interviews with faculty, students or the college management, as and when required.

Event Management
The Public relations press & media, publications cell section is responsible for organizing college level functions such as the Convocation, Annual Day, Alumni Day, Teachers’ Day and the institute colloquiums, a few prominent ones. The department also coordinates visits of high profile national and international visitors, delegations and other special guests. Moreover, we provide assistance to all internal departments for organizing their events.

Institute Publications
All requests for obtaining a copy of any of the college publications, including the Magazine, News letter, Annual Report, Brochure, the Campus Diary (internal news letter), and the Academic Diary are handled and processed by the public relations press & media, publications cell on receipt of email on the address

Facilities of the Cell

The cell is provided with dedicated computer hard ware and publishing software to enable generation of communications for both print and electronic media.
Events and summaries are obtained and stored for further media releases through the cell for external broadcasting. The cell is also armed with Still and Video cameras for recording of events. Students and faculty are encouraged to take part in coverage of events using the tools which goes a long way in improving soft skills of analyzing, observing, recording, compiling and editing before publication.

2020-21 Newsletter (Press & Media)


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