Arts & Cultural Cell

Arts & Cultural Cell


Arts/Cultural Cell of LIET is one of the crucial committees responsible for the jazz factor during the students’ college life. We are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun & frolic along with the case studies. Arts/Cultural Cell is an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students by offering them a platform to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers.

Lords is home to over 3000 students from all across the country. These students have varied interests and hobbies. In addition to their Academic Prowess, students are encouraged to utilize their stay on campus to work on their hobbies. Programs are organized by the students and for the students in this regard. Our students showcase their Cultural & Literary skills on various platforms within the college and at Pan India level.


The Arts/Cultural Cell of LIET is a fusion of Cultural and fine arts committee. It celebrates the social decent as well as cultural diversity in the campus by organizing various festivals and events. The committee guarantees that the students have a home-away-from-home involvement and experience at the campus. The committee gives enough chances to the students to relax and enjoy campus life in the midst of thorough academics.
The students of the college come from diversified backgrounds, the committee helps to unite and learn each other’s cultural diversity. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in today’s world and the cultural committee makes the young leaders at LIET sensitive to each other’s culture.
It aims to provide rich social-cultural experiences with the goal that the students appreciate the multi-cultural diversity of our general public.
The team organizes various cultural activities round the year to keep the spirits of the campus at enigmatic heights. It ensures that the memories of each event is permanently etched in the hearts of the students. It requires a lot of effort and planning to organize events on this scale, for which we are glad that LIET has a strong and dedicational team with multitude of skills.
The committee seeks to create a platform that provides the students with an opportunity to display creative talents in a variety of ways.

  • To conduct various cultural activities in each academic year for students and faculties.
  • Motivate the students to participate in cultural activities enthusiastically organized by our college and different colleges in and around.
  • To help students’ in developing the personality as well as intensifies positive thinking, character building, creativity and intellectual growth.
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