Committee Members

Arts & Cultural Cell

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Sr.No Name of the faculty/Student Designation Department Position
1 Mrs.Siddiqui Tahseen Fatima Assistant Professor S & H Coordinator
2 Mr.Abdul Kareem Assistant Professor EEE Member
3 Mr.S.Zubair Assistant Professor CSE Member
4 Ms.M.Shilpa Assistant Professor IT Member
5 Ms.Syeda Amathul Azeem Assistant Professor S & H Member
6 Mr.Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor CIVIL Member
7. Mr.Prashanth Assistant Professor MECH Member
8. Ms.Arshiya Sultana Assistant Professor ECE Member
9 Ms.Shereen Uzma Assistant Professor CSE-AIML Member
10. Ms.D.Vanitha Assistant Professor MBA Member
11. Mr.Mustafiz Sharique Assistant Professor CSE-Data Science Member
12. Mohammed Zain Student CSE Member
13 Marwa Fatima Student CSE-AIML Member
Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • The Cultural Cell coordinator shall be responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College.
  • The Coordinator of the Cell shall conduct meetings with the members to discuss and delegate tasks.
  • To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty members

  • To prepare the Annual Budget for various cultural events.
  • To obtain formal permission from the College authorities to arrange programs.
  • To decide the date, time and agenda of the programs.
  • To inform staff and student coordinators about the events.
  • To arrange the venue and logistics (audio/video system, dais, podium etc).
  • To invite the Chief Guest and other dignitaries.
  • To arrange mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student

  • To assist the faculty members in decorating the venue and logistics (audio/video system, dais, podium etc).
  • To accompany faculty members in receiving the Chief Guest and other dignitaries from airport and railway station.
  • To assist faculty members in arranging mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants.
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