Institute Calendar

Institute Calendar

JULY 2019
July 8WedCommencement of InstructionMBA
July 9-11Tue-ThursFaculty Development Programme-Great to be Good Teacher, CO /PO Mapping, API score, Creativity & InnovationStaff
July 13SatManagement meeting with staffStaff
July 15MonCommencement of InstructionB.Tech II,III & IV
July 15MonDisplay of List of preregister batch along with name of ProjectB.Tech all branches
July 17WedSeminar On “Cyber Security”CSE
July 18ThursTree PlantationB.Tech all branches
July 23WedSeminar On “Multimedia And Animation”CSE
July 24ThursProject Review- IB.Tech all branches
July 25WedWorkshop On CodingCSE
July 27SatProject SeminarsB.Tech all branches
July 29MonGuest LectureMBA
Aug 2FriIOT: Internet Of Things TrainingCSE
Aug 3SatGuest Lecture on VLSI System DesignECE
Orientation and Induction ProgrammeB.Tech I year
Fresher DayB.Tech I year
Aug 9FriIndustrial /field visitMBA
Aug 2-6Fri-TueIst unit test and assignment submissionB.Tech all branches
Aug 10SatWorkshop -“Java Applications &Development”CSE
Aug 15ThurIndependence day celebrations
Aug 19-24Mon-SatIndustrial/field visit (any one day)B.Tech all branches
Aug 19-24Mon-SatWorkshopECE
Aug 20TueGuest Lecture On “ How To Enhance Employability Skills”CSE
Aug 26-28Mon-Wed2nd unit test and assignment submissionB.Tech all branches
Aug 28WedBIZ QuizMBA
Sept 2MonSeminar on Cementing in HP& HT Wells – Pushkar

Varma Halliburton

Sept 3-5Tue-ThursMID I Examination MBAMBA
Sept 5-7Thurs-SatWorkshopB.Tech all branches
Sept 11WedTalents DayMBA
Sept 12-14Thurs-SatMID –I ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
Sept 14SatParents teachers meetingMBA
Sept 16MonEngineers DayB.Tech all branches
Sept 17TueHealth Awareness ProgrammeB.Tech all branches
Sept 18WedGuest Lecture on Application of Geology in Oil &

Gas Industry

Sept 21SatProject seminar 2nd reviewB.Tech all branches
Sept 25WedParents teachers meetingParents teachers


Sept 25-28Wed-SatSeminar-1 (any one day)B.Tech all branches
Sept 28SatGuest LectureECE
Oct 1-5Tue-SatIndustrial visit (any one day)B.Tech all branches
Oct 1-5Tue-SatGuest LectureB.Tech all branches
Oct 1-5Tue-SatLab internal examB.Tech all branches
Oct 5SatParents teachers meetingB.Tech all branches
Oct 7-12Mon-SatDussera RecessUG & PG
Oct 16WedWorkshop on EntrepreneurshipMBA
Oct 16-19Wed-Sat4th unit test and assignment submissionB.Tech all branches
Oct 19SatIndustrial visitMBA
Oct 21-26Mon-Sat3rd unit test and assignment submissionB.Tech all branches
Oct 21-26Mon-SatMEGSOMechanical
Oct 21-26Mon-SatExcursion (any one day)B.Tech I year
Oct 28MonReview IIB.Tech all branches
Oct28-31Mon-Thur5th unit test and assignment submissionB.Tech all branches
Oct28-31Mon-ThurLab internal exam -2B.Tech all branches
Nov 2SatFood FestUG & PG
Nov 2SatManagement meetMBA
Nov 13WedLast day of instructionMBA
Nov 14-16Thur-SatMID 2 ExaminationsMBA
Nov 25- Dec 4Mon-WedEND ExaminationsMBA
Nov 14-16Thur-SatMID 2 ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
Nov 18-23Mon-SatPractical ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
Nov 25- Dec 7Mon-SatEND ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
Dec 16th ,2019MonCommencement of class workAll branches
Dec 21th 2019Satwork shop on CO- PO  mappingAll staff
Dec 29th 2019MonClass test for first yearB .E –I Year all branches
Dec 22nd –Jan 7th 20201 weekCRT class workAll branches
01.02.2020FridayKITE Festival was organized byFinal year CSE Students
07.01.2020 to 09.01.20202daysOnline Exam for JEE 2020 was conducted fromCSE
Jan 13MonSeminarMechanical
Jan 14-15Tues-WedSankranthiAll staff
18.01.2020MondayOne day Workshop on “ VMware Virtualization”CSE
28.01.2020 One day national workshop on “HTML, CSS and JavaScript”.CSE
Jan 29th 2020WedIndustrial tourElectrical
Feb 1SatIndustrial VisitECE
Feb 1SatSeminarCSE/IT
Feb 3MonGuest LectureECE
Feb 3MonWorkshopPetroleum
Feb 3MonWorkshopCSE/IT
Feb 4TuesGuest LectureMechanical
Feb 5WedGuest LectureCSE/IT
Feb 8SatSeminarECE
Feb 10-12Mon-WedMID I ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
Feb 14FriTechnical festCSE/IT
Feb 17-18Mon-TuesAnions DayECE
25.02.2020. Photography competitionDepartment of CSE
March 2020
March 3TuesTechno lordsMechanical
March 4WedSeminarCSE/IT
March 7SatSeminarECE
March 11WedTechnical SymposiumCSE/IT
March 14SatParents Teachers MeetingAll branches
March 16MonGuest LectureECE
March 03,2020 A One day technical seminar on “Artificial Intelligence & Data Science” 
APRIL 2020
April 8-10 2020Wed-SatMID 2 ExaminationsB.Tech all branches
April 16MonGuest LectureECE
13th -18th April1 weekPreparation holidays and practical examinationAll branches
18th AprilSubmission of second Mid-Term exam marks to university on or beforeAll branches
20th april-2nd may 20202 weeksEnd semester examinationsAll branches
9/06/2020 Are you Creative Talents- Lords E-CellE-Cell Committee
28/06/2020 Webinar- Robotic Process AutomationComputer science Engg.
4/06/2020 Dil Ki Suno, Internshipkaro – IntershalaComputer science Engg.
10/06/2020 to 14/06/20205DaysA National 5 days FDP on PERL SCRIPTINGComputer science Engg.
4th may -4th July 20209weeksSummer vacationAll branches


Commencement of I Sem Class Work (2nd, 3rd & 4th)9th July, 18
Induction Programme16th to 28th July, 1812DAYS
Commencement of I Sem Class Work30th July, 18
Fresher’s Party28th July, 181DAY
Bonalu6th Aug, 181DAY
Bakridh (Wed)22nd Aug, 181DAY
CONVOCATION (Saturday)25th August, 20181DAY
Krishna Janmashtami3rd Sep, 181DAY
I mid exams – 2nd, 3rd & 4th yrs4th to 6th Sep, 183DAYS
Vinayaka Chaturthi13th Sep, 181DAY
Engineers Day15th Sep, 181DAY
Muharram (Friday)21st Sep, 181DAY
I mid exams ( I-sem)24th to 26th Sep,183DAYS
Gandhi Jayanthi2nd Oct, 181DAY
PTM13th Oct, 181DAY
DUSSEHRA Holidays (1 week)15th to 20th Oct,186DAYS
Deepavali7th Nov, 181DAY
II mid Exams (I -sem)12th to 14th Nov, 183DAYS
Practical exams (I-sem)15th to 24th Nov, 1810DAYS
End Exams ( I -Sem)26th Nov to 8th Dec,1813DAYS
II mid Exams (I- sem) 1st yrs29th Nov to 1st Dec,183DAYS
Practical exams (I-sem) 1st yrs3rd to 8th Dec,186DAYS
End Exams ( I-Sem) 1st yrs10th to 22nd Dec, 201813DAYS
Sem Break24th to 29th, Dec,186DAYS


Commencement of II Sem Class Work31st Dec, 18
New year (Tuesday)1st Jan, 191Day
Alumni Meet (Saturday)5th Jan, 191Day
Sports / Cultural / Literary -Week9th to 12th, Jan 194Days
Traditional Day (Saturday)12th Jan, 20191Day
PONGAL HOLIDAYS13th to 15th Jan,193Days
REPUBLIC DAY (Saturday)26th Jan, 191Day
I mid exams – 2nd, 3rd & 4th yrs25th to 27th Feb,193Days
I mid exams (2nd Sem) – 1st yrs27th Feb to 1st March,193Days
PTM9th Mar, 191Day
Annual Day (Wednesday)20th March, 20191Day
HOLI (Thursday)21st Mar, 191Day
BJR B’day (Friday)5th April, 191Day
Ugadi (Saturday)6th April, 191Day
Good Fridy19th April, 191Day
II mid exams – 2nd , 3rd & 4th yrs22nd to 24th April,192Days
II mid exams ( 2nd sem)24th to 26th April,193Days
Practical exams ( 2nd Sem)25th April to 1st May,1911Days
End Exams (2nd sem)6th to 18th May, 1913Days
Summer Vacation20th May – 13th July, 201933Days
Commencement of AY for 19 -2015th July, 2019


Commencement of I Sem Class Work(II ,III, IV yr)12-7-2017—–
Orientation Programme for 7th batch26-7-201712 DAYS
Janmashtami (Monday)14-8-20171DAY
INDEPENDENCE DAY (Tuesday)15-8-20171DAY
Fresher’s Party19-8-20171DAY
Clay Ganesh poster inauguration(1st yr 3 secs at 3pm)21-8-20171DAY
GREEN GANESHA (Last hr for 1st & 2nd yr students)31-8-20171DAY
Bakridh (Saturday) 02-9-20171DAY
Teachers Day (Tuesday) 5-9-20171DAY
I mid exams for II, III & IV year ( I sem) 6th to 8th Sept, 173DAYS
CONVOCATION (Friday)9-9-20171DAY
II spell of Instructions for II,III & IV years11-9-2017——-
Engineers Day (Friday)15-09-20171DAY
DUSSEHRA Holidays (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun & Monday)28-9-17 To 2/10/176DAYS
PTM (II, III & IV yrs)( 2nd Satruday)14-10-20171DAY
DEEPAWALI (Thursday)19-10-20171DAY
II mid Exams for II,III&IV yrs (I sem)8th  to 10th  Nov.20173DAYS
Practical exams for II,III & IV yrs (Isem)13th to 18th  Nov.20176DAYS
End Exams for II,III&IV yrs ( I Sem)20-11-17 To 12-12-1722 DAYS


I spell of Instructions for II , III&IV yrs (2nd Sem)14-12-2017
CHRISTMAS (Monday)25-12-171DAY
Sports / Cultural / Literary -Week23-12-2017  To 31-12-20178DAYS
Alumni Meet (Saturday)30-12-20171DAY
New year (Monday)1-1-20181DAY
Traditional Day (Saturday)13-1-20181DAY
I mid exams for II, III & IV yrs (2nd Sem)7th to 9th Feb, 183DAYS
MAHA SHIVRATHI (Wednesday)14-2-20181DAY
Tech. Fest15th & 16th Feb2DAYS
Annual Day (Saturday)17-2-20181DAY
HOLI (Thursday)1-3-20181DAY
PTM (Saturday)10-3-20181DAY
Ugadi (Sunday)18-3-20181DAY
Farewell Party (Saturday)24-3-20181DAY
Sri Rama Navami (Monday)26-3-20181 DAY
Good Friday (Friday)30-3-20181DAY
II mid exams for II,III & IV yrs ( 2nd sem)4th to 7th April3 DAYS
Practical exams for II, III & IV yrs ( 2nd Sem)9th to 13th April5 DAYS
End exams for II , III & IV yrs (2nd sem)16-4-2018 to 7-5-201822 DAYS
Summer Vacation8th May – 7thJuly31 DAYS
Commencement of class work for 18 -19 AY9-7-2018—-


13th June, 2016Commencement of Class work for II, III & IV yr Students
2nd August, 2016US visa, Vise consulate Officer’s guidance to 4th yr students
5th August ,2016Orientation Day for 1st year Students
8th August,2016Commencement of Class work for 1st Year Students
8th August ,2016 – 13th August ,20161st Mid Exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students
15th August,2016Independence Day Celebrations
24th August,2016Fresher’s Day Celebrations
17th Sep,2016Convocation Day
5th Oct,2016 – 7th      Oct,20161st Mid Exams for 1st year students
8th Oct,2016 – 15th  Oct,2016Dussehra Holidays
21st Oct,2016 – 22nd Oct,2016Work Shop for 1st yr students
5th Nov,2016 – 10th Nov,20162nd Mid Exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year Students
5th Nov,2017Parent teacher meeting
11th Nov,2016 – 17th Nov,2016Practical Examinations
18th Nov,2016 – 1st Dec,2016End Semester Examinations
2nd Dec,2016Commencement of Class work for II, III & IV yr students


19th Dec,2016 – 02nd Jan,2017End Semester Exams for 1st yr students
3rd Jan,2017Commencement of Class work for 1st yr students
6th Jan ,2017 – 7th Jan,2017Technical Fest
7th Jan,2017Alumni Meet
13th Jan,2017Traditional Day / Kite festival
28th Jan,2017 – 04th Feb,20171st Mid exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th yr students
06th Feb,2017 – 10th Feb,2017Cultural / Sports meet
11th Feb,2017Annual Day
06th March,2017 – 08th March,20171st Mid exams for 1st yr students
18th March,2017Parent teacher meeting
15th April,2017 – 21st April,20172nd mid exams for II, III & IV yr students
22nd April,2017 – 28th April,2017Practical Exams for II, III & IV yr students
29th April,2017 – 12th May,2017End Semester exams for II, III & IV yr students
10th May,2017 – 12th May,20172nd Mid exams for 1st yr students
15th May,2017 -20nd   May,2017Practical Examinations for 1st yr students
22nd May,2017 – 05th June,2017End semester exams for 1st yr students
13th May,2017 – 11th June,2017Summer Vacation for II, III & IV yr students
06th June,2017 – 01st July,2017Summer Vacation for 1st yr students


29-06-2015Commencement of Class work for II, III & IV yr Students
1-8-2015Orientation Day for 1st year Students
3-8-2015Commencement of Class work for 1st Year Students
14-08-2015Fresher’s Day Celebrations
15-8-2016Independence Day Celebrations
24-8-15 To  29-08-151st Mid Exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students
19-09-2015Convocation Day
12-10-2015  To 17-10-20151st Mid Exams for 1st year students
19-10-2015 To  24-10-2015Dussehra Holidays
26-10-2015 To 31-10-20152nd Mid Exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year Students
02-11-2015 To 07-11-2015Practical Examinations
9-11-2015 To 21-11-2015End Semester Examinations


7-12-2015Commencement of 2nd Sem Class work for II, III & IV yr students
04-01-2016 To 09-01-20162nd Mid Exams for 1st year Students
13-01-2016Traditional Day / Kite festival
01-02-2016 – 06-02-20161st Mid Exams for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students
6-3-2016 To 11-03-2019Cultural / Sports meet
12-3-2016Annual Day
21-3-2016 To 26-3-20163rd Mid exams for 1st yr students
28-03-2016 To 16-04-2016Practical Exams for Ist yr students
04-04-2016 To 09-04-20162nd mid exams for II, III & IV yr students
11-04-2016 To 16-04-2016Practical Exams for II, III & IV yr students
18-04-2016 To 30-04-2016End Semester exams for ALL – I, II, III & IV yr students
01-05-2016 To 11-06-2016Summer Vacation for 1st yr students
16-05-2016 To 11-06-2016Summer Vacation for II, III & IV yr students
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