Committee Members

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities

Committee Members

S.No Name, Designation, Department
  1  Ms.Humera Nafees, Asst Professor, S&H
2 Mr.MD Mustafeezul Haque,Asst Professor, Civil
3 Mr. Khalid, Asst Professor, Mechanical
4 Mr. Shaik Imam Saheb, Asst Professor ,CSE
5 Mr.Aleem uddin  ,Asst Professor ,EEE
6 Mr.D Narsaiah  ,Asst Professor ,ECE
7 Mr.Nomaan Majeed, Asst Professor, MBA
8 Ms.Sumayya Begum,Asst Professor, IT
9 Abdul Rais, Asst.Professor, CSE-AIML
10 Mr.Feroz Amer , Asst.Professor , CSE-Data Science
Roles & Responsibilities

  • The committee is responsible for extensive coverage of all college events. It sends press releases to print and digital media, and posts updates on social media about all campus activities, blood donation camps, entrepreneur meets and student achievements and institute performance.
  • To gather events information and write newsletters, press reports, news pieces, and present the news in an honest and balanced way.
  • Generating ideas to gain more media coverage. Keeping up-to-date with all events of the institution.
  • Booking venues for the Events. Distributing press releases. Attending press conferences and media interviews, and committee meetings.
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