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R&D and Consultancy Cell

R &D Activity Calendar-2022-23
Month Date(s) Proposed Activity Department
November-2022 18.11.2022 to 19.11.2022 3rd International conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Management (ICASEM-2022) CSE
December-2022 21.12.2022 FDP on An Expert talk by Dr. P.K. Menon, ex-scientist NASA/ISRO R&D
January-2023 12.01.2023 FDP on How to select quality Journal for Publication

by Dr. Santhan Kumar, HOD, EEE

20.01.2023 FDP on Publishing papers in quality Journals CSE
February-2023 10.02.2023 FDP on Various tools help in writing papers/thesis/proposals MECH
24.02.2023 FDP on Awareness on patent filing and grants MBA
March-2023 10.03.2023 FDP on Tools to detect Plagiarism, how to avoid it IT
30.03.2023 FDP on Impact Factor, Indexing, abstracting and citations, h-index, i-10 index CSM
April-2023 28.04.2023 FDP on Drafting sponsored research proposals for various funding agencies CSD
May-2023 12.05.2023 FDP on Drafting proposals on consulting projects. EEE
June-2023 09.06.2023 FDP on Various funding agencies available for proposal submission CIVIL
23.06.2023 FDP on Abstracting and Indexing of Journals
July-2023 14.07.2023 FDP on Problem findings for the award of Ph.D. for freshers S&H
28.07.2023 FDP on Familiarization of patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks and GI. MBA
August-2023 11.08.2023 FDP On Intellectual Property Rights, Technological Development And Entrepreneurship MBA
25.08.2023 FDP on How to write book chapters and publish in springer/any good publishers ECE
September-2023 08.09.2023 FDP on Intellectual Property Rights and IP Management MBA
October-2023 13.10.2023 FDP on Copyrights, trademarks and geographical index by  Dr. KK Basheer Ahmed, MB Univeristy, Tirupathi S&H
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