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Innovation is one of the key aspects that helps in staff and students learning and implementing the teachings at Lords. Every student is motivated by their faculty members to work on projects and propose innovative solutions to challenges plaguing the society today. In addition to the Academic Research, the college is also among the few Engineering Institutions in Hyderabad that is generating consulting revenues of over INR 50,00,000/- annually from different sources. We are the only Muslim Minority Engineering Institution in Telangana that has been selected for Third Party Quality Control works by GHMC. Impressed by the quality of the works, GHMC has given extension for 3 years in a row for the project in addition to the projects under BMR Projects, TMR etc., The work encompasses, testify the quality of Infrastructure on offer at the campus. Our experienced faculty bestows an inspiring and enduring learning experience which stays with the students long after they have graduated from the Institution. The curriculum gives an opportunity for students and the faculty to interact regularly helping students develop a multi-dimensional thinking technique.

Civil Engineering Department has been established an exclusive Consultancy Cell in the December 2017 under the guidance of Mr. Syed Touseef Ahmed, Vice Chairman at Lords. Lords has been awarded Slice No. 2 consisting of Circle 3, (Hayath Nagar), Circle 4 (L.B. Nagar) and Circle 5 (Saroor Nagar) areas. Our QC team check the quality of all Civil Works under taken by the GHMC in these areas which includes Soil, Bitumen, Concrete, Sewerage Pipe, Steel, Pavements etc..

The TPQC work has been executed to the utmost satisfaction of the concerned authorities and the tenure of the work is valid till 2021. State-of-Art technology in the form of Laboratory equipment is made available by the management in the R & D and Consultancy lab. In addition to the above details the laboratory is envisaged to be procuring the NABL certification in the near future.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Design of STPs, Rural Roads, Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Structures, Low Cost Housing, Water from Air, Electric Mobility, Smart Helmet, Dual fuel motorbike, Helicopter, etc. are some of the other noteworthy projects developed. Many students have won Rural Innovators Price, organized by NIRD in Drinking Water and Sanitation Category. Dome of the students have developed the Drone Sanitizer for the present Pandemic..

Apart from this other consultancy works are carried out for Govt. Semi-Govt and Private sector. The QC works are executed under the guidance of Dr. Syed Anisuddin (Director), Associate Prof. Mohammed Safiuddin (Manager), Mr. Syed Ilyas Ali, Mr. Mohammed Khalid, Mr. Venkatesham (Quality Control Engineers), Syed Sibghatullah, Syed Inayathulla (Lab Technicians) and other support staff.

The following are the glimpses from the ongoing QC Works;

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