Information Technology Dept. strives for holistic development of the students. Focus is laid on growth of Life skills of students along with exposing them to the latest technologies. Experts are invited from all across the World to address our students and enlighten them. 

Following are the events conducted in the Department in last few Academic Years

Events Summary
Academic Year No. of Events
2023-24 08
2022-23 14
2021-22 10
2020-21 07

A Seminar on Brain Based Learning and Growth Mindset ForeverDr. A Ramakrishna Prasad, Professor in Mathematics, Former Director, UIIC-JNTUH, MC Member, CSI
Value Added Course on Advanced Python1) Mr. Sayeed Ameeruddin, Datapoint IT & Hardware Tech Pvt Ltd
2) Mr. Lakshmi Manohar, Datapoint IT & Hardware Tech Pvt Ltd
06/01/2024Parent Teacher Meeting (Second year)Department of IT
18/12/2023Workshop on Virtual Steering – Game Dev1.Mr. Afnan Abdul Vasay, Founder and Lead, CWH
2. Ms. Rida Kareem, Member, CWH
16/12/2023Parent Teacher Meeting (Third year)Department of IT
18/11/2023DSAthon 2023Department of IT in Association with CSI Student Chapter
16/10/2023A One day workshop on Dynamic Web Development1. Mr. Mohd Sameer, President, Tech Giant, Hyderabad.
2. Mr. Mohd Ibrahim, Vice President, Tech Giant, Hyderabad
05/09/2023Teacher's Day Celebration 2023Department of IT
S. No Date Name of the event Name of the coordinator/s Resource person
1 12/07/2023 Seminar on Java Server Pages Ms. Sumayya Begum Chavala Mutyala Rao, HOD-IT, Assistant Director,

DoA MANUU, School of Technology MANUU, Hyder bad

2 19/06/2023 Tech Talk on Emergence of AI Tools Ms. Saleha Butool Mr. Bhargav Sabarinadth Assistant Manager,Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad
3 07/06/2023 Guest Lecture on Process Management & Synchronization in Distributed OS Ms. Neha Hasan Mrs. Savitha Ramesh, Assistant Professor, KMIT
4 20/05/2023  Seminar on Layout Manager in Java Programming Ms. Sumayya Begum Mr. Md. Asrar Ahmed, Assistant Professor, MJCET
5 17/04/2023-
A 3- Day Workshop on Extensive Training for Successful Career   Ms. Khutaija Abid Mr. Syam Kotakonda, Trainer, Datapoint IT and Hardware Tech Pvt Ltd.
6 10/04/2023 Guest lecture on Integrating Cryptography for Network Security Ms.Pooja Rajesh Chavan Sai Kiran, Offensive Security Expert, Huntmetrics Pvt Ltd
7 03/04/2023-
A 3-Day Workshop on Amazon Web Services Ms. Pooja Rajesh Chavan Mr. B. Teja, Software Developer, Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad
8 06/03/2023


ICT – PayPal- AWS Cloud Ms. M Neelima Mr. Ved,Technical Trainer-ICT Academy Mr. Adikeswan Prakash, Softskills Trainer, ICT Academy
9 07/01/2023 Guest Lecture on Scheduling Algorithms and its Types Ms. Neha Hassan Dr. Mohammed Rasool, CSE, LIET
10 14/12/2022 Network Flows In Graph Theory Ms. K. Shilpa Mr. Abdul Bari, Instructor in Udemy.com
11 24/12/2022 Guest Lecture on Digital Logic Design Ms. Sumayya Begum Mr.Karipe Srikanth, Assistant Professor, Vasavi College of Engineering
12 09/11/2022 Seminar on Corporate Skills & Personality Development Ms. Khutaija Abid Mr. PrashanthBathala, Sr. Technical Architect,HitachiVantara Solutions, Hyderabad.
13 03/11/2022-
National level Technical Fest Teck Fiesta 2k22 Mr. Mustafeez, Mr. Amer Noor Khan,Ms. Sumayya Begum Dr.P.V.Sudha, Professor CSE Department, University College of Engineering, Dean- Faculty of Informatics, Osmania University, Hyderabad
14 17/09/2022 Guest Lecture on SE Agile Methodologies Ms. Muqtadir Talhat Mr. Syed Ameer uddin, Software Developer, Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad
S. No Date Name of the event Name of the coordinator/s Resource person
1 02/06/2022-
Two-day National level workshop on Mobile Application Development Ms. Kaneez Fatima Mr. Mallikarjuna Aswanth Kumar, Triad Techno Services
2 20/06/2022  Signals & Systems on Speech Signal Processing Ms. Saleha Butool Mr. M. Ramanjaneyulu, Assistant Professor, Vasavi College of Engineering
3 07/05/2022 Guest lecture on Signals and Systems Ms. Neha Hasan Mr. M. Ramanjaneyulu, Assistant Professor, Vasavi College of Engineering
4 23/04/2022 Seminar on Advances in Computer Vision, AI & Applications Ms. Sumayya Begum Mr. Balakrishna Reddy, Team Lead, TechVedika, Hyderabad
5 16/04/2022 Guest Lecture on Asymptotic Notations Ms. Deverakonda Latha Prof.Shaik Imam Saheb, CSE, LIET
6 27/01/2021 Quiz on Data Structure Mr. Amer Noor Khan Ms. Kaneez Fatima, Assistant Professor, LIET
7 11/01/2022 Guest Lecture on OOP with Basic Data Structure Ms. M Neelima Mr. Chavala Mutyala Rao, Assistant Director, DoA, MANUU
8 29/12/2021 Seminar on Real Time Implementation of Data Structures using Splay Tree Ms. Zunaira Begum Mr. Annaluri Bala Krishnaiah Principal, Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology, Hyderabad
9 13/12/2021 Seminar on Python and Django framework for Web Development Ms. Muqtadir Talat Mr. K Veera Reddy, Director, Cyberaegis IT Solutions, Hyderabad
10 18/09/2021 Guest Lecture on Signals And Systems Dr. Suneel Pappala Dr. L. Nirmala Devi Professor and chairperson of Board of studies, ECE from Osmania University
S. No Date Name of the event Name of the coordinator/s Resource person
1 20/01/2020 Webinar- Robotic Process Automation Ms. Khutaija Abid Mr.Srinivas,

Vice President , Maseke Inc. USA

2 29/12/2020 Are you Creative Talents? Ms. Kaneez Fatima Lords E-Cell
3 21/11/2020 Guest Lecture on Data Structure Dr. Suneel Pappala Mr. Md. Asrar Ahmed, Assistant Professor, MJCET
4 11/07/2020 The AI Enabled Future Ms. Devarakonda Latha Samia Khalid,Sr.Applied Scientist at Microsoft, AI Engineer, PWiC Seattle Lead, USA
5 01/10/2020 National online quiz on Python Programming Ms. Sumayya Begum Dr. Mohammed Rasool, CSE, LIET
6 5/10/2020 Webinar on Awareness Among Students Regarding Civil Services Mr. k Somanatha Rao 1.Mr. Mohd Basheer Ahmad, Director of Civil Services

2. Mr. Mustafa Khan Electrical Engineer, Saudi Arabia

3. Mr. Mohd Sayeeduddin Electrical Engineer, Saudia Arabia

7 06/09/2020 Awareness About NPTEL Courses Dr. Sushama Rani Dutta Dr.K.Naga Jyothi, Telangana NPTEL Representative, Advisory Member of Ministry of Education 2.0 AICTE Margdarshak

Glimpses of Few Events

Seminar on Brain Based Learning

Information Technology


Value Added Course on Advanced Python

Information Technology


Parent Teacher Meet-2K23

Department of IT


DSAthon 2023

Information Technology


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