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The vision of Professional Society is to develop students academic, professional and personality development skills through various programs, activities arranged by the association. To monitor and control effective conduct of such program ensuring regular attendance, active participation and involvement of students.


  • Improving standard of Engineering Education and counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities.
  • Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies /Workshops/ projects/ Seminars.
  • To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.
  • To provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest and to facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.
  • Encourage team spirit and self-reliance among student members.
S No. Membership Type Total Faculty Members
01 CSI 02
02 IEEE 04
03 ISTE 08

IEEE Memberships

S.No Name of the Faculty IEEE Membership Number
1 Mr. K Somnatha Rao 92528600
2 Ms. Neha Hasan 98498539
3 Ms. Neelima M 98500112
4 Ms. Sumayya Begum 98500180

ISTE Memberships

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Membership Number Period
01 Dr.K.Nagi Reddy LM 38315 Life time
02 Mr.Amer noor Khan LM 120316 Life time
04 Ms. Sumayya Begum LM 134112 Life time
05 Mrs. B. Nagalakshmi LM 136648 Life time
06 Ms. Saleha Butool LM 136552 Life time
07 Ms. M Neelima LM 138903 Life time
08 Mr. K Somanatha Rao LM 138925 Life time

CSI Memberships

S.No Name of the Faculty IEEE Membership Number
1 Dr.K.Nagi Reddy 5023230083
2 Ms. Sumayya Begum 5023230085

Ms.Sumayya Begum
Professional Society Coordinator
E-Mail: sumayyabegum@lords.ac.in
Contact No: 7013956488

The seed for the Computer Society of India (CSI) was first shown in the year 1965 with a handful of IT enthusiasts who were a computer user group and felt the need to organize their activities. They also wanted to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on what they felt was a fast emerging sector. Today the CSI takes pride in being the largest and most professionally managed association of and for IT professionals in India. The purposes of the Society are scientific and educational directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of computer science and IT

Governing Body (CSI)

Dr.Ravi Kishore Singh

M.Tech, Ph.D
Designation: Professor & Principal
Role: Chief Advisor

Dr. K Nagi Reddy

M.Tech, Ph.D
Designation: Professor, HOD & Dean Academics
Role: Student Branch Counsellor

CSI Student Branch Nominees / Advisors
S. No Name Designation CSI ID Department
1 Dr. K. Nagi Reddy HoD – IT & Professor 5023230083 IT
2 Ms. M Neelima Associate Professor 5023230084 IT
3 Ms. Sumayya Begum Assistant Professor 5023230085 IT
Student Branch Committee (SBCom)
S.No Role in CSI student chapter Name Year Branch CSI ID Roll No
1 President  Md Zaheer Uddin 4th  Year IT S50241700010399 160920737303
2 Vice President Shaik Nawaz Ahmed 3rd Year IT S50241700010438 160921737156
3 Secretary Syed Minhaj 4th  Year IT S50241700010387 160920737115
4 Joint Secretary Bakhtiyar Ahmed 3rd Year IT S50241700010403 160921737015
5 Treasurer Mohammed Arshad Ali 4th  Year IT S50241700010374 160920737053
6 Vice Treasurer Mohammed Sohail Akram 3rd Year IT S50241700010415 160921737061
Executive Committee Members / Students
S. No Name Year Branch CSI ID Roll No
1 Shaik Umair Ahmed 4th Year IT S50241700010369 160920737021
2 Hira fatima 4th Year IT S50241700010370 160920737034
3 Mohammed Haroon Hussain 4th Year IT S50241700010375 1609207371063
4 Omer Mohammed 4th Year IT S50241700010385 160920737101
5 Mohd Hussain Shareef 4th Year IT S50241700010392 160920737150
6 Mir Firasath Al 4th Year IT S50241700010398 160921737301
7  Syed Saad Ullah 3rd Year IT S50241700010408 160921737037
8 Syed Shoaib 3rd Year IT S50241700010409 160921737050
9 Hussain Munawwar Majid 3rd Year IT S50241700010417 160921737068
10 Ahmed Ullah 3rd Year IT S50241700010422 160921737108
11 Mohammad Uzaafar Arfath 3rd Year IT  S50241700010429 160921737122
12 Mohammed Abdul Bari 3rd Year IT S50241700010432 160921737130
Institutional Memberships
Student Memberships

S. No Date Name of the event Resource person
1. 18/12/2023 Workshop on Virtual Steering – Game Dev 1.Mr. Afnan Abdul Vasay, Founder and Lead, CWH
2. Ms. Rida Kareem, Member, CWH
2. 18/11/2023 DSAthon 2023 Department of IT in Association with CSI Student Chapter
3. 16/10/2023 A One-day workshop on Dynamic Web Development 1. Mr. Mohd Sameer, President, Tech Giant, Hyderabad.
2. Mr. Mohd Ibrahim, Vice President, Tech Giant, Hyderabad
4. 12/07/2023 Seminar on Java Server Pages Bhavala Mutyala Rao, HOD-IT, Assistant Director, DoA MANUU, School of Technology MANUU Hyderabad
5. 19/06/2023 Tech Talk on Emergence of AI Tools Mr. Bhargav Sabarinadth Assistant Manager, Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad
6. 07/06/2023 Guest Lecture on

Process Management & Synchronization in Distributed OS

Mrs. Savitha Ramesh, Assistant Professor, KMIT
7. 21/05/2023 Seminar on Benefits of Layout Manager in Java Programming Mr. Md. Asrar Ahmed, Assistant Professor,MJCET
8. 17/04/2023-
A 3- Day Extensive Training on Aptitude” for Advanced Learners of II & III Year Mr. SyamKotakonda, CRT Trainer, Datapoint IT and Hardware Tech Pvt Ltd.
9. 03/04/2023-
A 3-Day Workshop on Amazon Web Services Mr. B. Teja, Software Developer, Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad
10. 10/04/2023 Guest Lecture on Integrating Cryptography for Network Security Sai Kiran, Offensive Security Expert, Huntmetrics Pvt ltd
11. 06/03/2023


ICT – PayPal- AWS Cloud Mr. Ved, Technical Trainer-ICT Academy Mr. Adikeswan Prakash, Softskills Trainer, ICT Academy
12. 07/01/2023 Guest Lecture on Scheduling Algorithms and its Types Dr. Mohammed Rasool Sir, CSE, LIET
13. 14/12/2022 Network Flows In Graph Theory Mr. Abdul Bari, Instructor in Udemy.com
14. 24/12/2022 Guest Lecture on Digital Logic Design Mr. KaripeSrikanth, Assistant Professor, Vasavi College of Engineering
15. 09/11/2022 Seminar on Corporate Skills & Personality Development Mr. PrashanthBathala, Sr. Technical Architect,HitachiVantara Solutions, Hyderabad.
16. 03/11/2022-
National level Technical Fest Teck Fiesta 2k22 Dr.P.V.Sudha, Professor CSE Department, University College of Engineering, Dean- Faculty of Informatics, Osmania University, Hyderabad
17. 17/09/2022 Guest Lecture on SE Agile Methodologies Mr. Syed Ameer uddin, Software Developer, Data Point InfoTech Solutions, Hyderabad

Inauguration of CSI Student Chapter

Information Technology

DSAthon 2023

Information Technology

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