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Student Association (MEGSO)

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About MEGSO, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATE STUDENTS ORDINATE, one of the earliest technical students Association at LORDS INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2009. The association was given official status by the department of Mechanical Engineering, LORDS INSTITUE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY in 2009.
  • To focus on the cutting-edge technology and present it to the students in an interesting manner by means of lectures, talk, articles and workshops.
  • To bridge the gap between theoretical and practical, field knowledge.
  • Promoting the interests of students in various technical areas pertaining to mechanical engineering.
  • Giving relevant information to students to sustain their interest in their field-specific applications of ME.
  • Providing students of the department with relevant knowledge of other fields, given the inter-disciplinary nature of ME.
  • Interacting with other technical societies, within and outside the institute to promote flow of knowledge and interest.
Roles and responsibilities of the Secretary

  • Be the head of Activity Group of MEGSO.
  • Be responsible for organizing the meetings of Activity group members.
  • Make arrangements for lectures/talks/workshops.
  • Make the arrangements for industrial trips.
  • Be responsible for printing MEGSO/Department T-Shirts.

Roles and responsibilities of the Convener

  • To lead the organization from top and see that work is done with right intentions and proper enthusiasm.
  • To see that organization is always connected with the students and their right demands are never left unanswered.
  • To see that all group bodies under MEGSO are never in loss of leadership or direction.
  • To see that the significance of MEGSO is lessened by insufficient working of organization or by non-participation by MEGSO in its activities or any other problem/hurdle that comes up.
  • To impeach an inefficient/ignorant organization member.

Roles and responsibilities of the Faculty coordinator

  • To prepare the circulars and scheduling of the events.
  • Motivating the students and registering the students to the stated activity.
  • Recording of the events and preparation of documents of the organized events/activities i.e., registration forms, winners list, feedback forms.
  • To prepare the report of the event or activity which they had organized.

Roles and responsibilities of the Student member

  • To motivate the fellow students to participate in the activity.
  • To act as a organizer & volunteer to the activity and participant to that event.
  • To provide feedback on the organized event/activity.
1 Secretary Mrs. Rizwana Begum
2 Convenor


Dr. Syed Azam Pasha Quadri (HOD)
3 Faculty Co-ordinator Mr. Khalid Ahmed (Asst. Professor)
4 President Mir Murtaza Ali Khan 15M21A03M5
5 Vice President Mohd. Jaleel Uddin 15M21A0341
6 Treasurer Mirza Sarfaraz Uddin Baig-15M21A03G1
7 General Secretary A Nasrulah Khan-17M25A0302
8 Content Writing & Documentation Muqtadeer Ahmed-16M21A0344
9 Technical Shaik Abdul Meraj-15M21A0353
10 Designing Faseeh Ur Rehman-15M21A03N1
11 Media & PR Mohd Khaja Ibrahim-16M21A03F5
12 Photography G. Phanuel Vachan 17M21A03B2
13 Hospitality Abdullah Bin Sayeed-17M25A0304
14 Sports Mohd Abdul Qader-16M21A03A4
15 Discipline Mohd Sadiq-16M21A0327
16 Organizer Shaikh Liyaqat-16M21A03B1
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