Functions-Finance Committee

Finance/Purchase/Stores Cell


  • To analyze quotations provided by the logistics department, and provide recommendation for approval.
  • To ensure all documentation is accurately completed.
  • To ensure that the supplies/services quoted for comply with what was requested.
  • Seek clarification from suppliers/service providers where necessary.
  • Where the person with authority to approve the Quote Evaluation Form (QEF) has a query on the PC’s recommendation, this should be directed back to the committee stating clearly the nature of the query.
  • The PC should also be assigned a role within the supplier pre-preprocessing process.
  • In certain contexts, it may be appropriate for some or all members of the PC to be directly involved in the collection of quotations.
  • Ensuring proportionality, transparency, accountability and fairness in the procurement process.
  • Ensuring all relevant documentation is prepared prior to PC meeting.
  • Involvement in the evaluation discussion.
  • Ensuring that the Quote Evaluation Form is completed accurately.
  • Ensuring all necessary procurement procedures are properly followed including any relevant donor procedures.
  • Ensuring samples are available for review if relevant and are returned to all unsuccessful bidders.
  • To Ensure the Quality of the equipment.
  • Scrutiny of the indents for purchase of equipments, furniture and fixtures and other items, received from the departments and recommending procurement, subject to availability of budget provision.

Frequency of meeting: As and when purchase indents are received.

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