Committee Management

Medical Care Cell

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Committee Members
S. No. Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. Rehana Anjum, HOD – Chemistry Coordinator
2 Mr. M.A HaleemAther Assistant professor (EEE) Member
3 Mr. Syed Abdul Khaliq Assistant professor (CSE) Member
4 Mr. Mateen Ahmed Assistant professor (IT) Member
5 Mrs. E. Pushpalatha Assistant professor (S&H) Member
6 Mrs. Anitha Assistant professor (CIVIL) Member
7 Mr. Md. Touseef Assistant professor (ECE) Member
8 Mr. Sarap Raghavendra Assistant professor (Mech) Member
9 Mohd Tajuddin Assistant professor (CSM) Member
10 Syed Mushtaq Ali Assistant professor (CSD) Member
11 Mrs. K Sarika Assistant professor (MBA) Member
12 Md. Muqtadir Quadri CSE Student Member
13 Syed Mohd Abban Abbas CSE Student Member
14 Sohail Yousuf Qasim khan IT Student Member
15 Mohammed Muneeb IT Student Member
16 Syed Arshil  Husssain CSM Student Member
17 Mohammed Abdul Basit CSM Student Member
18 Saniya Tabassum, CSD Student Member
19 Syed Muazuddin CSD Student Member
20 Aamena Samreen AIML Student Member
21 Sidra Fatima AIML Student Member
22 Sanjana Thakur ECE Student Member
23 Syed Abdul Hannan ECE Student Member
24 Mohammed Arbaz Khan CIVIL Student Member
25 Mirza Hashim CIVIL Student Member
26 Shaik Niyazuddin MECH Student Member
27 Yawar Shah Khan MECH Student Member
28 Mohd. Zameenuddin EEE Student Member
29 Akram Sajjad EEE Student Member

Roles and Responsibilities of committee members


  1. Coordinator and faculty members shall look after the facilities in dispensary.
  2. Coordinator should maintain the medical bills required in the dispensary
  3. Monitoring the First -aid box in buses, all labs, sports and report to the committee on regular basis.
  4. Update the student health record.

Faculty members:

  1. Members shall look after the facilities in dispensary.
  2. Faculty Member schedules organize the seminar or awareness programme for the faculty and students.
  3. Provision for Health insurance for the faculty members and students.

Student member:

  1. Encourage a greater number of students to join the committee and organize event in the institution.
  2. Create awareness among the students about availability of medical facilities.
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