Committee Management

Website/ICT /Internet Cell

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Sr No Name of Faculty Role
1 Mr.Abdul Rais, Assistant Professor, CSE Coordinator
2 DrĀ  Mohd Sameer, Asst Professor,S&H Member
3 Mr. Khaja Musab Manzoor, Asst Professor,Civil Engg Member
4 Mr Mohammed Abdul Junaid, Asst Professor,Mech Engg Member
5 Ms.Mohammedi Juveria, Asst Professor,CSE Member
6 Mr Abdul Kareem, Asst Professor,EEE Member
7 Mr B.Eshwar, Asst Professor,ECE Member
8 Mr Venkatesh, Asst Professor,IT Member
9 Mrs J.Jaya Lakshmi, Asst Professor,Business Studies Member
Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • To coordinate with website committee faculty members, discussing about any website updating, taking suggestions from higher level or management for website updation.
  • To coordinate the Dept-wise website committee faculty members that the information from Dept-wise/college events to be collected with detailed programme & photographs shall be mailed webadmin@lords.ac.in
  • To coordinate the Web development technical member to place the data appropriately on the website.
  • To coordinate and updated the website regularly, For all the completed events, a detailed report along with photographs and news-paper clippings shall be mailed within 2 days of completion of the event/program. It is also required to mention the appropriate location where the information is to be hosted on the website.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members

  • To collect and follow up the data with photos from concerned event coordinators in Dept-wise or College events/programs conducted on dept-wise.
  • To verify the data collected from concerned event coordinators and make the data alignment or additions(if missing) with photos and final data to be submitted to website technical member through webadmin@lords.ac.in
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