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DATANOVA stands as the foremost student organization within the Computer Science Engineering Department, specializing in Data Science, with a primary focus on cultivating proficiency in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence, DATANOVA distinguishes itself through a curated series of workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects. The club’s overarching mission is to furnish its members with a nuanced understanding of cutting-edge data-driven technologies. Committed to fostering academic excellence and professional growth, the club is a dynamic platform for skill development and industry exposure. Joining DATANOVA allows students to engage with like-minded peers, stay updated on industry trends, and build a strong foundation for success in the evolving field of data science.
The nomenclature DATANOVA: Data Analysis of Variance suggests a fusion of “Data” and “Innovation” or “Nova”, which implies a new or innovative approach to handling and utilizing data. It conveys a sense of modernity, technological acumen, and forward-thinking, making it particularly apt for a club immersed in a diverse array of activities, especially those at the intersection of data and technology.

  • DATANOVA: “Elevating Insights, Igniting Futures” Our motto encapsulates the essence of fostering continuous learning and innovation, thereby igniting futures for success in the realm of Computer Science Engineering.
  • DATANOVA, the vibrant student club within the Computer Science Engineering Department specializing in Data Science, has been at the forefront of organizing many successful events, including the illuminating DATA ILLUMINATION FEST, International Daughter’s Day celebration, workshops, and various other engaging activities.
  • These meticulously planned events provide members with valuable opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in the dynamic fields of data science and technology.
  • From thought-provoking workshops that explore the latest industry trends to lively fests that celebrate innovation and creativity, DATANOVA’s events create a lively and collaborative atmosphere.
  • The club’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and learning is evident through these endeavors, contributing significantly to the professional and personal development of its members.

Roles and responsibilities of the Secretary

  • To plan activities under department association.
  • To conduct meetings related to activities to be organized and related issues for smooth functioning of the association.

Roles and responsibilities of the Convener

  • To plan the co curricular activities of the department in coordination with department regular activities.
  • Motivating & encouraging the students of the department to participate/ register in various co curricular activities.
  • To allot the activity coordinator for each activity in association with the department HoD.
  • To keep records, summary and documentations of all the events or activities organized.
  • To prepare Minutes of Meeting for every meeting conducted.
  • To upload the events organized data in to the website.

Roles and responsibilities of the Faculty coordinator

  • To prepare the circulars and scheduling of the events.
  • Motivating the students and registering the students to the stated activity.
  • Recording of the events and preparation of documents of the organized events/activities i.e., registration forms, winners list, feedback forms.
  • To prepare the report of the event or activity which they had organized.

Roles and responsibilities of the Student members

  • To motivate the fellow students to participate in the activity.
  • To act as a organizer & volunteer to the activity and participant to that event.
  • To provide feedback on the organized event/activity.

Convenor:  Mr. Moksud Alam Mallik Associate Professor & H.O.D
Co-Convenor:  Mr. Syed Mushtaq Ali
Faculty Coordinator:  Mr. Feroz Amer and Mrs. Y Shakuntala

S.No Responsibilities Committee Members Roll number
01 President Mr. Syed Midhat Mastan 160920750004
02 Vice-president Mr. Mohammed Fazl-ur-Rehman 160920750017
03 Advisor Mr. Mohammed Fawad Hussain 160921750007
04 Treasurer Mr. Mohammed Saadullah 160921750003
05 General Secretary Ms. Mehjabeen 160920750002
06 Joint Secretary Ms. Shereen Fatima 160920750015
07 HR & Documentation Ms. Syeda Marriya Jaffar 160920750003
Ms. Aksa Siddiqui 160921750018

Photography Head

Mr. Mohammed Hassan Ali Baig 160920750028
Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Huzaifa 160921750026

Videography Head

Mr. Syed Nauman Ahmed Nizami 160920750009
Mr. Syed Miran Hussain 160921750038
10 Designing Head (Banner/Certificate/Poster/Thumbnail Image) Mr. Qureshi Abdul Hai Ziaul Haque 160920750001
Mr. Faraazuddin Khan 160921750002
11 Video Production Editor Mr. Mohd Shahnawaz Aadil 160921750025
Mr. Syed Taqeeuddin 160921750001
12 Head Discipline Committee Mr. G Bharat Sagar 160920750046
Mr. Syed Muazuddin 160921750015
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz 160921750029

Hospitality Committee Head

Mr. Mohd Asif Osman 160920750022
Mr. Abdul Rehman LE  
14 Press & Media Marketing Mr. Syed Ismail 160920750060
Mr. Mohammed Wali Ahmed 160921750032
15 Sports Head Mr. Gulam Mohammed Siddiqui Baseer 160920750030
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mohid 160921750056
Ms. Shagufta Farhat 160921750053
16 Technical Event Head Mr. Mohammed Yaseen 160920750054
Mr. Mohammed Dawood Khan 160921750011
Mr. Mohd Shoeb Taj 160921750031

Cultural Event Head

Mr. Mohammed Aijaz Ul Haque 160920750025
Ms. Saba Siddiqui 160920750057
Ms. Asma Khanam  
18 Chief Newsletter Editor Ms. Bibi Noreen Ayesha 160920750014
Mr. Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain 160920750051
Ms. Yasmin Saniya Tabassum 160921750046
Date Name of the event Resource person/ Chief Guest/ Organized by
26/09/2023 International Daughter Day Celebration Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary, LIET
13/07/2023 Cultural Fest: Data Illumination Fest Student Association Data Nova
12/07/2023 Inaugural Session of DATANOVA (A Students Association Club) Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary, LIET

International Daughter’s Day Celebration

Department of CSE-Data Science


Data Nova illumination fest

Department of CSE-Data Science


Inauguration of Datanova

CSE-Data Science


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