Examination Cell Members

Team Members

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
S. No Name of the Faculty Designation Role
1 Dr. C. V. Narasimhulu Principal Chief Superintendent / Chief CoE
2 Dr. Syed Azam Pasha Quadri Vice Principal & HoD, ME Controller of Exams
3 Dr. K. Nagi Reddy Professor & HoD IT Additional Controller of Exams
4 Mr. Mohammed Imaduddin Associate Prof, ECE Additional Controller of Exams
6 Mr. Shaik Jeelani Basha Assistant Professor, MBA Assistant Controller of Exams
7 Mr. Shafi Assistant Professor, EEE Assistant Controller of Exams
8 Mr. Sarap Raghavendra Assistant Professor, Mech Assistant Controller of Exams
9 Mr. Abdul Faizee Exam Branch In-charge Superintendent
10 Mr. M. A. Haleem Ather Assistant Professor, EEE Liaison officer, O.U- related
11 Mr. MD Vilayath Ali System Administrator In-charge, Exam- Automation

1) Conduction of internal, external theory examinations and practical examinations.

2) Conduction of spot valuation work.

3) Preparation of promoted student list.

4) Distribution of marks memos to the students.

5) Maintaining the stock required for the conduction of examinations.

6) Conduction of various competitive examinations.

7) Preparing the remuneration bills to distribute the honorarium to the duty staff.

8) Collecting the feedback from the stake holders.

9) Developing the Result Analysis reports for analyzing performance of students.

10) Collecting the fees related to the examinations.

  1. There shall be one invigilator for a block of 24 students.
  2. One Reliever will be appointed for every five class rooms
  3. Invigilators, additional invigilator, and relievers shall be appointed centrally among the faculty of all departments.
  4. Depending on the need and availability, Exam cell In charge may change the number of staff for conducting the examination.
  5. On each day of examination, Exam Cell In charge shall download the paper from the university portal and required number of question papers are printed and distributed to the students at least five minutes before the start of examination.
  6. The Exam Cell In charge shall hand over the required material to the invigilators, at least 20 minutes before the start of the examination.
  7. The invigilators shall follow the “Guidelines/Instructions to the Invigilators” of the college.
  8. There shall be continuous monitoring by taking rounds in different examination blocks to confirm that invigilators are performing their duties properly and discipline is being maintained during examination.
  9. The Invigilators or observer shall forward the cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, malpractices, attempt to copy, copying cases to Malpractice committee through Exam cell in charge.
  10. After receiving the answer books from invigilators, Members of Exam Cell shall check them as per the attendance record submitted by the invigilators and then sort out the answer books of each course separately.
  11. The collected scripts are packed separately regulation wise and year wise and send them to the University for Correction on the same day.
  12. All the copies of the D-Forms, seating plans and attendance sheets are maintained in the exam cell.
  13. Exam cell in charge shall also prepare the bills of remuneration of all staff involved in the examination work and submit them to account section after approval from principal for further action.
  14. The Semester End Examination for lab shall be conducted as per the examination schedule approved by EC. However in case of any emergency, the examination may be rescheduled with the prior approval of principal.
  15. HOD of the concerned department shall be responsible for proper conduct of practical examinations and various examination related activities of the concerned department. He/She shall, however, take the services of staff of his/her Department for this purpose.
  16. The HOD and Timetable In charge shall prepare detailed timetable (batch-wise) for the lab examination of the concerned department.
  17. The HOD shall submit the schedule and final list of examiners for all lab examinations to exam cell. Based on the list of examiners received from HOD, The principal shall issue the appointment orders.
  18. For external evaluation of UG project and PG project, external examiner outside the college is mandatory.
  19. HOD of concerned department shall send the required panels of external examiners for UG and PG projects to the exam cell. The same panel information is forwarded to university by exam cell in charge and The appointment orders of external examiner shall be issued by CE, Osmania University/ JNTUH Hyderabad.
  20. HOD of the concerned department shall appoint staff for lab examination and forward the copy of the same to the Exam cell.
  21. Internal examiners shall make all the necessary arrangements of equipment/laboratory setup required for conducting lab examination of the courses for which their appointment is made.
  22. After the lab examination of the course is over, internal examiner along with the other examiner shall prepare the mark list, and submit it in sealed envelope to exam cell on the same day or at least by the next working day along with remuneration bills. These marks are sent to the university by the exam cell.
  23. After receiving the external exams answer scripts from the university we will distribute the scripts to the allotted examiners of the university as per the guidelines of the university and maintain the record of marks awarded and the distributed bundle details.
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