Joint Secretary

Joint Secretary

Mr. CA Syed Tanvir Ahmed is the Joint Secretary of the Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology

Mr. Syed Tanvir Ahmed, the joint secretary is a chartered accountant by qualification. In his words, the pace of technological advancement in our day is more than we could have ever anticipated. The fact that LORDS Institute of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) has consistently advanced in the area of engineering education year after year is a source of great pride. Our mission is to provide high-quality education that will help students develop holistically on both a scientific and technological level, paving the way for a successful profession. Our students consistently achieve the university rankings, which is a testament to the extraordinary efforts made by our faculty to educate and develop the next generation leaders. Our Institute promotes the culture of entrepreneurship and startups among faculty and students. Student level entrepreneurial activities on campus have assumed greater significance with active stakeholder participation. The infrastructure, academic atmosphere, professional teaching skills, and learning process will all be preserved with your active participation, and this Institute will continue to advance in the years to come, I assure all the students and well-wishers on behalf of the entire management.

E-Mail: jointsecretary@lords.ac.in

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