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Research & Consultancy

Research & Consultancy Activity of Mechanical Engineering Department at Lords involves all stakeholders of the Education System. Our students & faculty have worked on various innovative projects and received patents for them. Every student and faculty is mandated to do Research on topics of their choice and publish papers in reputed journals. Our faculty members have published books that are used by students all across the World. In addition to publishing Books & Papers, our faculty and students have also worked on various Industrial Consultancy Assignments that have generated revenue for the Department.  

The following is a snapshot of the work done in the last 5 Academic Years by the Department

S.No.Name of the Faculty Title of Book Published


Consultancy Assignments undertaken in the last 5 Academic Years

S.No.Name of the Client (Company)Assignment Revenue Generated
AY 2019-20
1Yucan Tech. Pvt LTDDevelopment of Gravity Based water purifier by using different materials70,000/-
2Mr. K Krishna
Hydrogen Induction and fuel diesel engine using with different bio-diesel blends on VCR engine57,000/-
3Dr. A Raj Kumar
Guru nanak Engineering college
Analysis of four stroke single cylinder diesel engine by variation of VCR and IOP by magnetizing the fuel60,000/-
4Mr. Shareef
Gitam university
Performance emission of combustion analysis of Magkesar oil in a four stroke diesel engine63,000/-
5Mrs. P. Krishna bharathiPerformance , emission and combustion characteristics of Kosme oil bio in four stroke diesel enriched with HCNG70,000/-
AY 2018-19
1Mayinkrish VenturesRe-Design and Analysis of Heavy Load Carrying Vehicle1,75,000/-
2Inventive Core integrationsArticulated arm1,00,000/-
3Mr. S. Jai kumar
Gitam university
Vibration diagnostic of four stroke single cylinder diesel with bio fuel on flax seed(lime seeds)70,000/-
4Mr. K Govardhan Reddy
Noida university
Experiment investigation of bio fuel with additive as an ethanol using four stroke single cylinder diesel engine62,000/-
5Mr. Ameer Suhail
Preparation and analysis of chicken fat methyl ester on four stroke single cylinder diesel engine58,000/-
AY 2017-18
1Mrs. K Udaysri
Gitam university
Vibration diagnostic of a VCR engine by changing combustion pressure and emission smoke analysis by using alternative fuel.75,000/-
2Mr. Fakhruddin
Hassan Nizami
Performance emission and combustion analysis on single cylinder ci engine using dual bio diesel with and without hydrogen induction.72,000/-
3Mr. P. Vijay Rao
CNG induction dual fuel diesel engine using with different bio diesel blends VCR engine71,000/-


The following are few projects done by our students in the past

Make a Flying Source using Caander Effect

Implementation of Hybrid Technology on a Two Wheeler Vehicle

Fabrication and Testing of Helix Vertical Axis Wind Turbine For Power Generation From Vehicular wind on HighWay

Design, Manufacture and Competing with Quad Bike

Spherical Wheel Bike

Design, Manufacture and Competing with Gokart

Drone Sanitizer

Mist Sanitizer
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