Research & Consultancy

Research & Consultancy

Our dynamic faculties are not only involved in teaching but are also research-oriented. They have worked on various research topics and published their papers in reputed journals. Our faculty also has published a book of National Repute.

Patents Publication
Sr NoName of InventorTitle of InventionApplication NumberPublication DateNational / International
1Dr. Dadamiah PMD ShaikA hybrid energy harvesting system with improved solar energy20214102803622/06/2021National
2Sangi BhanuprasadCU-IN-SE Ternary Material Thin film Physical properties under the Effect of Choline Chlorie PH Adjuster202141019655 A07/05/2021National
3Dr. Dadamiah PMD ShaikFlexible spacesuit hand gloves20204105509925/12/2020National
Books/Book Chapter Publication
Sr NoName of AuthorTitle of Book /Book chapterName of PublisherISBN NumberNational / InternationalURL
1Dr. Archana SrinathThe Ecstatic Journey: Chitra Divakaruni’s Woman, Child and ImmigrantEmerald Publishers, Chennai, 20209789389080476NationalView
2Dr.Rehana AnjumSynthesis and Electrical Properties of polypyrrole /CrO3 nanocompositesALBOREAR (OPC) PVT. LTD.978-81-946660-2-8NationalView
3Dr. Dadamiah PMD ShaikSupercapacitive performance of Mn3O4 nanoparticlesLAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing978-3-330-08104-8InternationalView
Conference Publication
Sr NoName of AuthorTitle Name of ConferenceMonth & Year of conferenceNational / International
1Dr.Archana SrinathInter-Relation Of Literature And Pandemics In Past And PresentTwo-day National E-conference on Language and Literature28 &29 May 2020National
2Dr.Archana SrinathYoung Vs Adult – Levels of Learning EFL in Current ScenarioIASP 202013-17th July 2020International
3Syeda Nusrath FathimaGamification2 : An Effective Teaching contrivance of Language Skills for Advance and Professional LearnersIASP 202013-17th July 2020International
4Dr.Archana SrinathTechnology as a Saviour of Education in Current ScenarioNew Challenges & Opportunities in the field of education, science, management, commerce humanities agriculture and technology in the current scenario30 May 2021International
Journal Publication
SCI / Scopus / UGC
Sr NoName of AuthorTitle JournalMonth & Year of PublicationIndexing
1Dr. Dadamiah PMD ShaikHigh Electrochemical Performance Of Spinal Mn3O4 Over Co3o4 NanocrystalsJournal of molecular structureMay 2021SCI & Scopus
2Dr. Dadamiah PMD ShaikHigh Electrochemical Activity Of 3d Flower Like Nanostructured Tio2 Obtained By Green SynthesisApplied surface scienceMay 2021SCI & Scopus
3Dr.Archana SrinathTechnology as a Saviour of Education in Current ScenarioIJIERMJune 2021UGC
4Dr Rehana AnjumPVA -ZNO nano composites thin film for sensing devicesFERRO ELECTRICSJune 2021SCI / SCOPUS
5Mohammed Irshad AliThe Function Of Computer Labs In The Pedagogy Of Mathematical SciencesInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology (IJARET)December 2020SCOPUS
6Dr V. NaganjaneyuluMicrosoft Mathematics as a Teaching and Learning Tool for MathematicsInternational Journal of Management and Humanities (IJMH)December 2020UGC
7Mohammed Irshad AliOn Some Properties of Middle Cube Graphs and their SpectraInternational Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and ManagementMay 2020UGC
8Masarath JabeenNumerical TechniqueInternational Journal of Innovative Science and Research TechnologyMay 2020UGC
9Syeda Nusrath FathimaRegalement: An Effective Teaching Device of ELTLang Lit: An International Peer- Reviewed Open Access JournalJuly 2020UGC
10Syeda Nusrath FathimaLet’s Serve a Mock tail of literature in ESL Classrooms: A Call for Contemporary LiteratureInternational Journal of English and Sciences (IJOES)August 2020UGC
11Dr. Archana SrinathSocial Media: Current Trend In Online LanguageLangLit: An International Peer- Reviewed Open Access JournalJuly 2020UGC
12Dr. Archana SrinathContrasting Symbolism of Clothes and Food – Liberation and bounded in divakaruni’s arranged marriage and the unknownInternational Journal of English and Studies (IJOES)August 2020UGC
13Dr. Archana SrinathCorona: The Harbinger of Teaching Language in the Age of Digital Technologies.Bharata Mata Journal of  Multidisciplinary StudiesJuly 2020UGC
14Dr Rehana AnjumSynthesis, Electrical, Magnetic and LPG Sensing Behavior of Polypyrrole/In2O3 Polymer NanocompositeNano ProgressSeptember 2020UGC
15Dr Rehana AnjumAC Conductivity Studies on polyaniline/cobalt Oxide Nanocomposites Thin FilmInternational RSP Science HubJuly 2020UGC
16Anjum BegumConductivity and LPG sensing behavior of PANI/MgO nanoMaterials TodayNovember 2020 
17S.M. AliViscous dissipation effects on time dependent natural convective memory flowInternational journal of basic and applied researchJune 2019UGC
18Syeda Nusrath FatimaEnglish Study Material At Advance Level1 A Time Saving Tool for English Teaching-Learning ProcessChronicle of Humanities and Cultural Studies ( CHCS )February 2019UGC
19S M AliRadiation and Mass Transfer effects on MHD oscillatory memory flow in a channel filled with porous medium in the presence of chemical reactionInternational Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)November2018UGC
20S M AliUnsteady Hydromagnetic Convective Memory flow past a vertical porous plate in a porous medium with heat sourceInternational jounal of “Fluid dynamics” Attidella “foundazione Giorgio Ronchi”.November 2018UGC

The following are few projects done by our students in their 1st Year B.E 1st Semester and Won Prizes from different Institutions as State and National Level Events in the Academic Year 2019-20.

Mohammed Abdul Khadeer (I-B.E. Civil Engineering) got 1st place in the Project Expo for his “Smart Lords College” project and Adnan Ali Khan (I-B.E.CSE) got 2st for the Poster Designing on “Artificial Intelligence” held at GRIET.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader(I-B.E. Civil Engineering)on securing 2nd Place for innovative project “SMART CONSTRUCTION” organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies, Hyderabad from 23rd to 25th January 2020.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader, I-B.E. Civil Engineering on securing 2nd Place for innovative project “SMART CONSTRUCTION” organized by MVSR College of Engineering, Hyderabad on the Occasion of CSI National Level Symposium on 3rd February 2020

I B.E. students Mr. Syed Fawaz Ali (IT); Mr. Adnan Ali Khan (CSE); Mr. Mohammad Abdul Khadeer(CIVIL) and Mr. Mohammed Roushan Ali (CSE) were represented in Coding, Poster Design, Learn 2 Automate and Quizathon and won consolidated prizes in 3 events organized by MIT, Mysore, Karnataka on 14th& 15th February 2020.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader, I-B.E. Civil Engineering on securing 1st prize for innovative project “SMART CITY” and Mr. Adnan Ali Khan, I-B.E CSE Student on securing 1st Prize in “Debate Competition” organized at NGIT, Hyderabad on the Occasion of National Science Day ON 28.02.2020

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