ERP Committee

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Committee Members
S. No. Name Designation Status Department
01 Dr.Kamel Alikhan Siddiqui Assoc. Professor Coordinator  IT
02 Md.Nauman Alikhan Asst. Professor Member Civil
03 Mr.Khaja Pasha Asst. Professor Member CSE-AIML
04 Mrs.Zeba Masroor Asst. Professor Member CSE
05 Mr.Tarique Khan Asst. Professor Member CSE-Data Science
06 Mr.Narsiah Asst. Professor Member ECE
07 Mr.Kareem Abdul Asst. Professor Member EEE
08 Mrs.Khutaija Abid Asst. Professor Member IT
09 Mr.Khalid Ibraheem Asst. Professor Member Mech
Roles & Responsibilities of Central Coordinator

  • To follow the Bees ERP Automation Group protocols on everyday schedule.
  • To bring under notice to the Management the Daily Attendances are being entered everyday by the individual faculty.
  • Make sure to the Department coordinators, the Attendance of the students recorded each day.
  • To administrate the student’s enrolling and create the student’s personal data.
  • Maintain the Pay Roll of each Faculty and Newly Joined faculties.
  • To Setup and generate the Faculty Feedback (Every 3rd and 13th Week of the Semester), with Questionnaires, Dates for the sessions, Online setup and Report Generation.
  • To highlight the Academic Calendar assignment, Start of the Class works and End of the Class works.
  • To promote the students based on Examination Cell Report for each Semester.
  • To assign a new Curriculum for each semester.
  • To make sure the Subject Handling Details for individual Faculty are created and edited accordingly.
  • To maintain the Detention list of the students based on Examination Cell Report for each Semester.
  • Assist in Assigning Sections for Individual Branch to the Department Coordinators.
  • Assist in Assigning Batches to Individual Laboratories under each Sections to the Department Coordinators.
  • Assist in Creating and Maintaining the Class Time Table to the Department Coordinators.
  • Make sure the Edition in the Time table and Faculty details are prompt during redundancy.
  • Liaising with the ERP Software Management Team for Licensing, Expiration, Maintenances and Renewals.
  • Liaising with the ERP Software Technical Team for issues, Resets and other Server related issues.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Departmental Coordinator:

  • To prepare the subject handling details before the commencement of the Semester.
  • To create the Department Time Table for respective faculties under Bees.
  • Make sure the Faculties entered the daily attendance into BeeS every day.
  • To Assist the Coordinator in under taking the Faculty Feedback (3rd and 13th Week) of each Semester.
  • To Attend the Bees Automation Meetings as when required.
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