Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee

Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee


The Faculty Grievances and Redressal Committee (FGRC) was established to provide a positive working environment and to defend the college’s honor by fostering friendly ties between the faculty and administration. This unit keeps track of faculty concerns and finds solutions to their issues. On the campus of LIET College, suggestion and complaint boxes have been set up at the various departments’ main offices. Any member of the Cell may be personally contacted, written to, or emailed by the person in question.A Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee exists at the college. This cell strives to investigate any complaints made by staff members and address them as needed.


  • To receive written complains or letters from teaching or non-teaching personnel about any issue, and to provide suitable solutions.
  • Anyone with a legitimate complaint may speak with the department’s grievance representatives in person.
  • Cordial Environment at Work Place.
  • Academic Coordination
  • Balanced Workload Monitoring
  • Healthy Hygiene in the College Campus
  • Transportation Problems, if any.
  • Sending suggestions to the principal for review and appropriate action
  • A Grievance Redressal Committee Room
  • Suggestion /Complaint box
  • Complaint form of grievance committee
  • Corrective measures are taken and recorded.
  • Feedback form
Convenor Staff Room
Post your Complaints
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