Committee Members

Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee

Committee MembersRoles & ResponsibilitiesGrievance Policies
S. No. Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. S. Nawazish Mehdi / Dr. Mohammed Anwarullah Sr. Professor, MED & DEAN (FTD) Convenor
2 Dr. Syed Hamid Mohiuddin Quadri Dean MBA Coordinator
3 Dr. Raja Rajeswari Associate Professor, Dean R&D Member
4 Dr. Kamel Ali Khan Associate professor (ECE) Member
5  Mr. Pachchinavar Assistant professor (Mech) Member
6 Mr. Nomaan Majeed Associate professor (MBA) Member
7  Ms. Anjum Afrooze Assistant professor (S&H) Member
8  Mr. D. Nowshad Ali Assistant professor (CSE-AIML) Member
9 Mr. Mallikharjuna Settipalli Assistant professor (EEE) Member
10 Mr. Mustafiz Sharique Assistant professor (CSE-Data Science) Member
11  Ms. Ashlesha Pandhare Associate professor (CSE) Member

Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Periodically schedules meetings for the committee members.
  • Keeps records of all meetings with committee members.
  • Make decisions when the committee members are together.
  • Offers a place where staff grievances can be filed.
  • Give the principal a report on the grievance resolution process.
  • Every complaint is anticipated to be resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

Procedure for lodging a complaint

  • The staff may feel free to put up a grievance in writing and drop it in boxes.
  • The staff can also register their grievances either Online / offline
  • After Registration the complaint will be accepted by admin
  • After acceptance faulty staff can give grievance

Procedure for resolving complaints

After confirming the relevant facts and documents, the convener of the Institute grievance committee will bring the case before the Institute level committee, which will then either support the Department level committee’s decision or issue the best possible order in a reasonable amount of time. The committee shall listen to the complainant and any other interested parties while handling the complaint, following the principles of natural justice.
The applicable Act/Regulation provisions should be considered when making a decision on any grievance at any level, and no decision should be made that conflict with them.


Grievances received by the Cell will be initially scrutinized by the Convenor/Coordinator. If it is found to be Genuine, it will be placed in the upcoming meeting of the Cell/Committee for detailed discussion and the Complainant will be called for further Investigations. If it’s against another Faculty, then the Accused will also be called to defend his case, in the presence of Victim. Finally both parties are advised to Compromise and settle the issue. If it is not possible, the matter is referred to the Principal/higher authorities for further action, with the Recommendations of the Committee.
Even in case of some basic facilities required by the Faculties in the college campus, the case is scrutinized and finally referred to the higher authorities, through Proper Channel, for appropriate/needful Action.

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