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As per the law, it is mandatory for every workplace to have an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) that would play a critical role in prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace. The ICC has a responsibility to establish an effective internal complaints procedure, where:

  • Assurance that no victimization will result from making a complaint.
  • The procedure is well documented in accessible formats.
  • Members who manage complaints are well trained.
  • Assistance is provided in the form of language interpreters as needed for parties to a complaint.
  • Ensuring the process is confidential, independent and based on principles of natural justice.
  • Ensuring the process has clear timelines.
  • All conflicts of interest are managed appropriately.
1Dr.Archana SrinathCoordinator, S & H
2Ms.Ashlesha PandhareMember, CSE
3Ms.Sapna GangradeMember, ECE
4Ms.G.SwethaMember, EEE
5Ms.Simhana DeviMember, Mechanical Engg
6Ms.Sheubha KhatoonMember, Civil Engg
7Ms.JayalakshmiMember, Business Studies
8Dr.Tanveer  FathimaMember, S & H
4160919672031SYED IMTIAZMBA
Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • To conduct a general first meeting to welcome the team members and to make an awareness of the committee roles and responsibilities and to assign the same to the members.
  • To encourage and promote harmonious teaching-learning environment among faculty and students.
  • To train the faculty as well as the students on how to tackle any dispute and instruct them to follow the procedure.
  • To coordinate with the team in developing mutual understanding among faculty and students.
  • Self-update with the anti-social happenings in the surroundings in the college campus.
  • Discuss and resolve any discrepancy happened with the help of committee members. If the matter is beyond the committee limits, approach to the higher authorities.
  • To interact with the parents along with the student concerned and solve the issue.
  • To inculcate the habit of self-discipline and healthy life among students.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty

    • To make an awareness about the existence of this committee among faculty as well as students.
    • Promote and encourage harmonious teaching-learning environment among students.
    • Select self-discipline, well-mannered students from every department year wise and make them understand their responsibilities towards this committee.
    • Develop mutual understanding among each other and inculcate professionalism, ethics among everyone in the college.
    • Explain the process of how to approach to the committee for any kind of internal dispute.
    • To note the reports brought by the students as well as gather information regarding any disputes and inform to the committee immediately.
    • To make aware of the committee objectives by talking with the students and asking them to consult during difficulties.
    • To find out in detail the problems of the students individually or in a group in private and talk to the committee members regarding this issue.
    • To maintain the confidentiality of the issue without embarrassing the victim or the accuser.
    • To inform the parents and to be in constant touch with them.
    • Encourage the students to actively participate in the activity.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student

      • To make awareness among the students of their respective departments year –wise about the committee.
      • To encourage and promote harmonious learning environment by participating in training sessions.
      • Inculcate and promote team spirit, mutual understanding and respect towards each other and women faculty and students.
      • To participate in small skits or social activity on topic related to team spirit, gender equality, mutual understanding etc.
      • To follow the process of approaching during any kind of disputes. On observing any dispute, report immediately to the faculty coordinator.
      • To inform the faculty regarding the problems faced by students.
      • To assist the faculty in recognizing the accuser.
      • To identify the resource person with the contacts of students and their parents and to inform to the faculty.
      • To encourage female students’ participation in physical activities.
      • To make a list of students who will participate.
      • To build good sportsmanship.
      • To manage friendly competition among the teams.
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