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Planning & Coordination Committee

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Committee Members

The main objective of the college is to achieve academic excellence.  The College has several mechanisms in place to plan and evaluate the process and to initiate the required reforms.  The different departments, committees, clubs, forums are advised to formulate their action plan and arrange programmes in consultation with this committee at the beginning of each year.   The committee includes all the top officers of the institution.

Meetings are conducted in a regular basis and supervise visits to the hostels are undertaken to dissuade students from indulging in ragging.

Name of the Coordinator: Dr. J. Sasi Kiran, Professor in CSE & Dean
S.No. Name, Designation, Department
1 Dr. Mujeeb Hasan, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of S&H Dept.
2 Mr. Suraj Prakash Yadav, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of IT. Engg. Dept.
3 Mr. R Venkata Krishna, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of EEE Dept.
4 Mr. A. Swetha, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of Civil Engg. Dept.
5 Ms. Sumaiya Shaik, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of CSE Dept.
6 Dr. Altaf C, Assoc. Prof & Coordinator of ECE Dept.
7 Mr. Madhukar Samatham, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of Mech. Engg. Dept.
8 Mrs. D. Madhavi, Assoc. Prof & Coordinator of CSM Dept.
9 Mr. Mohammed Ashfaq Hussian, Assoc. Prof & Coordinator of MBA Dept.
10 Mr. Syed Mushtaq, Asst. Prof & Coordinator of CSD Dept.
Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • To send proposals to AICTE, UGC etc., for continuation of approval / introduction of new courses / Reduction in Intake / Closure of Course etc.
  • To send the proposals to University for extension of affiliation.
  • To prepare, implement and execute strategic plan.
  • To co-ordinate among the departments to apply for various schemes/grants to AICTE and other funding agencies.
  • To plan and execute various activities to be conducted in a year
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