Committee Management

Renewable Energy Cell

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
1 Dr.Ch Santhan Kumar Associate Professor & HOD, EEE Coordinator
2 Ms. Anjum Afrooze Assistant Professor, S&H Member
3 Mr. Abdul Kareem Assistant Professor, EEE Member
4 Mr. S Zubair Assistant Professor, CSE Member
5 Ms. B NagaLakshmi Assistant Professor, IT Member
6 Mr. Mohd Ibrahim Assistant Professor, ME Member
7 Mr.G Srikanth Assistant Professor, CE Member
8 Mr. Touseef Sumer Assistant Professor, ECE Member
9 Mr. Sayed Mujahed Husen Assistant Professor, CSE-AIML Member
10 Mr. Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain Assistant Professor, MBA Member
11 Ms Puli Manemma Assistant Professor, CSE-Data Science Member
Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty

  • Making students to understand the importance of renewable energy cell.
  • Providing and maintaining safety equipment’s.
  • Informing safety precautions to students.
  • Maintain the required data as per the norms of cell.
  • Give awareness of renewable energy sources to students.
  • Ask students to do project’s by utilizing plant resources.
  • Organize various activities to improve the student’s interest towards renewable resources.
  • Arrange the presentation based on renewable energy resources.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student

  • Need to understand the committee which they are working under.
  • Understand importance of committee establishment.
  • Follow safety instructions and precautions.
  • Share their knowledge, ideas and innovations to committee cell.
  • Utilization of knowledge for finding solutions to the problem occurred.
  • Convey needs &problems to committee cell.
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