Social Welfare Cell

Social Welfare Cell

Social welfare cell has been constituted in Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology (LIET) college campus to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST/Minority welfare students and faculties. The cell seeks to motivate, guide and train all the SC/ST/Minority welfare students of the college to select the right career and make them responsible citizens.

Motto of the Cell:MOTIVATE, ASSIST and SETTLE the students


  • To collect information and maintain records regarding the number of staff and students belonging to SC/ST/Minority welfare categories in the college.
  • To supervise and see that the admissions to the colleges and hostels are made in accordance with the reservation policy declared by the State Government from time to time.
  • To maintain a roster of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.
  • To scrutinize and approve the advertisements that may be issued by the Management for recruitment to both teaching and non-teaching posts.
  • To supervise the allotment and distribution of scholarships for various reserved candidates.
  • To deal with representations received from the SC/ST/Minority welfare candidates regarding their admissions and recruitment, promotion and other similar matters in the colleges.
  • To circulate information regarding matter related to SC/ST/Minority welfare persons to the teaching and non- teaching staff and the students of the college.
  • To conduct activities for the betterment of students from SC/ST/Minority welfare community
  • To create awareness of the schemes for the welfare of SC/ST/Minority welfare community.
  • To maintain data base of Staff and Students belonging to SC /ST/ Minority welfare community.
  • To maintain the records of the activities conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee
  • To collect information regarding course-wise admissions to candidates belonging to the SC/ST/Minority welfare students in the College on an annual basis.
  • To analyze information on admissions, education, training and employment of SCs,STs and Minorities. Prepare reports for transmission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development/University Grants Commission and such other authorities as may be required
  • To attend to the grievances of SC/ST/Minority welfare students and employees are monitored and rendered the necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems
  • To promote higher education among these two communities suffering economic, social and educational deprivations.

Social Welfare Cell has three wings. They are:
1.Counselling Bureau;
2.Career Guidance Bureau and
3.Students Welfare Bureau.

1.Counselling Bureau

S. NoThe objectives of Counselling Bureau are:
1Disseminating the information regarding various academic programs on the campus and from other colleges/universities.
2Guiding the students in selecting the right path,
3Providing access to the internet facilities.
4Motivating the students to improve their personality through career development courses and programs,
5Creating awareness about duties and responsibilities to become good citizens,
6Extending help to the similar activities of other colleges and universities.

2.Career Guidance Bureau

S.NoThe objectives of Career guidance Bureau are:
1Showing various career and competitive opportunities open to the students,
2Imparting interview, debating, group discussion and presentation skills to the students,
3Conducting the training programs in collaboration with industries, recruiting agencies, etc.,
4Preparing the students for entrepreneurship,
5Developing the all-round personality of the students,
6Making the students ‘earn-while-they-learn’.

3.Students Welfare Bureau

S.NoThe objectives of Students Welfare Bureau are:
1improving the communication skills, GK, IQ, EQ of the students,
2assisting the students in drafting, preparation of CVs, etc.,
3creating a sense of community service through participation,
4inculcating positive thinking for physical and mental health,
5providing conducive atmosphere to strengthen teaching-learning process, student-teacher relationship, peer group relationship, etc.,
6coordinating the programs of SDLCE, Kakatiya Adhyayana Kendram, Coaching Center for Minorities, Center for Women’s Studies, SC & ST Cell, Yoga Center, Health Center and Sports Board.
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