Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • Excel the student’s knowledge and ability, skills by the basic concepts of science and to enhance creative ideas to create new things.
  • To attain excellence in pedagogy, and provide potential skills in the areas of humanities and social sciences.
  • To prepare professional leaders to face the emerging global challenges and to foster cultural enrichment.
  • Strives to create an atmosphere of learning to enable the students to develop sound cognitive and problem solving skills.
  • To craft life-long readers and writers and to train their critical flavor and to enable them to arrive at an estimate of a given work of art.
  • To contribute significantly to the country’s goal of a ‘developed country’ in all aspects.


  • DM1: Provide an amicable ambience to inspire the students to indulge in authentic research, creativity and innovation.
  • DM2: Encourage the students to know the practical applications of concepts through experience and participation.
  • DM3: To improve logical thinking and systematic acting of students.
  • DM4: Develop students’ ability to converse rationally, speculatively, and inventively in ways that are appropriate across the disciplines.
  • DM5: To endeavor to excel in knowledge and human resource capacity building in science without sacrificing quality and quantity.
  • DM6: To provide basic and advanced skills to students in computer software enabling self – reliance and maximization of capabilities.
  • Note: DM: Department Mission

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