Abroad Education Awareness Program

Abroad Education Awareness Program

Abroad Education Awareness Program

Type of Event: Seminar

Title of Event: Abroad Education Awareness Program

Resource Person: Ms.Kavitha, Global ECF- Branch Manager

Department: All Department(CSE, IT, EEE, ECE, Civil, Mechanical) III yr Students

Date: 18-05-2022

No. of participants attended: 240

The Awareness program was started by 12.30 pm. The Resource person Ms. Kavitha Asthana started with her lecture by explaining the necessary and benefits of doing higher education abroad. Resource leads the session with myths about higher education. Also resources explained about getting scholarships and internships during their tenure. Finally the students’ queries were answered by the resource.

Output of the Seminar: 13 Students did Spot registration with GECF for their Abroad Education.

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