Seminar on Navigating Career in Cyber Security

Seminar on Navigating Career in Cyber Security

Seminar on Navigating Career in Cyber Security

Type of event: Technical Seminar

Title of the event: Technical Seminar on “Navigating Career In Cyber Security”

Department of CSE and allied branches conducted Technical Seminar on “Navigating Career In Cyber Security”, sponsored by management for the students of 3 rd year cse.The speaker, Mr. Mohammed Rafi Chief Information Security officer, Columbus IT services, along with Mr Ayub Shaik, Founder & CEO of Huntmetrics Pvt. Ltd., engaged the session. The session started with the importance of Cyber security profession, career in Cyber Security and also Entrepreneurship. They motivated students with the exciting work challenges in this domain, opportunities and right path to choose this domain. They introduced and offered various skill development courses to acquire knowledge and training in the domain . Students got motivated with the session and students were given insight into different testing tools. The job market is discussed along with level of jobs can be offered for their career . It is a useful and a motivating session. It helped students to shape their career in Cyber Security. The lecture ended with a Q&A session in which students posed different queries which were satisfactorily answered by the speaker.

1) Mr.Mohammed Rafiuddin,Chief Information Security officer,Columbus IT services
2) Mr. Ayub Shaik,Founder & CEO of Huntmetrics Pvt. Ltd

Organized by: Computer Science and Engineering

Date: 19-6-2023

No. of participants attended: 150

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