Mechanism of addressal of students’ grievances

Mechanism of addressal of students’ grievances

The Institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal of students’ grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases. The students submit their grievances either directly to the Principal or to the IQAC by dropping their grievances in the complaint and suggestion boxes placed in all academic blocks of the institution. The students’ grievance Cell then brings the grievances to the IQAC office where the grievances are addressed by a committee which include the Principal, the IQAC Co-ordinator and the IQAC member who is incharge of students’ grievances. To address the various gender based issues that are prevalent in our society today, the college has set up the Women’s Cell and the prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell under the guidance and supervision of the Equal Opportunity Centre. In compliance with the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the UGC regulations on curbing the menance of ragging in Higher Educational institutions, 2009, the College has formed the Anti-Ragging Committee, Cell and squad for overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the verdict.

Composition of the Anti Ragging Committee

Chairperson: Principal

Convener: Vice Principal

Members: Hostel warden, Police Representative, Civil Administration Representative, Local Media Representative, NGO representative, President and Secretary of Parents Teachers Association, College Faculty Members, Students representative from freshers and seniors and non Teaching Staff Members.

Following are the steps to be taken in case anyone is found to commit, participate in abets or instigate ragging within or outside the college campus:

  1. The student shall be suspended, expelled or rusticated from the institution and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to Rs. 10,000.00.
  2. The punishment may also include cancellation of admission, suspension from attending classes, withholding/withdrawing fellowship/ scholarship and other financial benefits and withholding of results.
  3. The final decision shall be taken by the anti ragging cell of the College.
  4. The students as well as their parents, at the time of admission to the Institute, will be required to furnish an undertaking that the students will not indulge in any form of ragging.
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