Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The L.I.E.T Entrepreneurship Development Cell is established with a view to foster the entrepreneur skills among the students. Entrepreneurship is a key element in the industrialization and economic progress of a nation. History is replete with examples of entrepreneurs who have chased their dreams right from their student days and L.I.E.T strictly believes that education is never complete without exposing students to this option.
The various facilities provided are listed as follows:

  • The Golden Book
  • The Golden Book is the library about everything about E-Cell. It is like a catalogue that gives you complete information about E-Cell. Every time a new President takes charge, he/she must accept and adhere to it, thereby helping in a smooth functioning of the organization.

  • The Golden Threshold
  • The Golden Threshold is the directory about the common and the current Working Committee. It includes all the Brand Resources Club Details, Working Committee details and much more. It was created with a vision to provide easy access to the existing and the upcoming Working Committees and most importantly to streamline the process. The Golden Threshold can be accessed from here: tiny.cc/thegoldenthreshold

  • Brand Resources
  • As Lords E-Cell is considered to be a Professional Organization so that students can experience what it is to be part of the same. A set of rules are to be followed whenever Lords E-Cell’s brand is used. These include specific Colors, Font Style, Logo Designs, etc. All of this can be found in The Golden Threshold.

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