Committee Members

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Committee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
S.No. Name of the Faculty Department Position
1. Dr. Sumeet Hangargi ME Associate Dean, IIC.
2. Mr. Nomaan Abdul Majeed MBA Associate Director-TBI & E-Cell.
3. Dr. Suraj Prakash Yadav IT Member
4. Dr. A Raja Rajeswari CE Member
5. Dr. Khaja Mizbahuddin CSE Member
6. Ms. Nagma Arsheen EEE Member
7. Mr. Mirza Nemeth Ali Baig ECE Member
8. Mr. Feroze Amir CSE-Data Science Member
9. Mr. Khaja Moiz CSE-AIML Member
10. Dr. Mujeeb Hassan S & H Member

Roles and Responsibilities of the Faculty committee Members
Director – Dr.K.Shashidhar
1. To plan and organize Entrepreneurship awareness programs.
2. Encourages members to organize department-level programs with regards to e-cell.
3. Provides guidelines to the committee members to organize all the yearly activities with a proper schedule.
4. Conduct meetings semester-wise and discuss how the upcoming programs should be done.
5. To supervises the working of E-CELL volunteers.
6. Looks after the proper documentation of each program organized
7. They liaises with the officials of the district and state level entrepreneurship departments for entrepreneurship and startup-incubation projects and activities.
8. They convenes the meeting of the e-cell committee in consultation with the Principal and also attends the external meetings which relate to the entrepreneurship programs.
1. They execute the yearly chart of activities at the department level as per the instructions of the convener.
2. They motivate students to participate in entrepreneurship and startup activities.
3. They ensure department-level execution of the entrepreneurship and startup activities.
Roles and Responsibilities of Student Committee Members
President – Maheen Fatimah
1. Presides over meetings of the E-cell.
2. Facilitates executive board meetings.
3. Prepares and files any report required by the advisory board.
4. Maintains contact with E-cell alumni.
5. Serves as a spokesperson for the E-cell.
6. Serves as a secondary signatory on financial accounts.
7. Assists all executive officers.
8. Provides follow‐up to organizational tasks
9. Represents organization at official functions
10. Remains fair and impartial during organization decision making processes
11. Provides encouragement and motivation to fellow officers and organization members
12. Mentor of CC team as assigned

Vice president- Taha Ali Khan
1. Assisting in strategic goal setting.
2. Works alongside the treasurer for budget planning.
3. Represents organization at official functions.
4. Prepares the organization’s calendar of events.
5. Mentor for CC team as assigned.
6. Prepares meeting agenda alongside the president.
7. Works alongside Joint Secretary 2 /MBC to keep a record of all activities and events taking place by the clubs.
8. Performs other duties as directed by the President.

1. Has to be familiar with accounting procedures and policies.
2. Serves as the primary signatory on financial accounts.
3. Pays organization bills and collects organization dues.
4. Keeps all financial records of the organization.
5. Prepares an annual budget and all budget requests for funds.
6. Prepares and submits financial reports to general secretary when requested.
7. Maintains a financial history of the organization.
8. Provides the summary of financial records at the end of the term.
9. Advises members on financial matters .
10. Coordinates fundraising drive and coordinates solicitations.
11. Mentor for CC team as assigned.

General secretary – Mirza Taabish Ahmed Baig
1. Keeps a record of all members of the EB,CC& MB.
2. Prepares an agenda with the President only for EB & AB meetings
3. Notifies members of EB & AB for the meeting.
4. Serve as the organization’s recognition and appreciation manager alongside the president.
5. Prepares and files any report required
6. Handles all official correspondence of the organization
7. Represents organization at official functions
8. Remains fair and impartial during organization decision making process
9. Performs other duties as directed by the president.
10. Mentor for CC team as assigned.

Joint secretary 1 – Marwa Fatima
1. Responsible for visual proof of all offline and online meetings conducted for AB,EB& CC.
2. Documents minutes of meeting for every meeting in the EB according to the format.
3. Works alongside events team during any event conducted by Ecell.
4. Mentor of CC team as assigned.

Joint secretary 2 –Mohammed Furqan Saleem
1. Has a record of all club leads and list of members in each club.
2. Maintains all reports of events and activities of the club
3. Coordinates between EB & MB.
4. Approves and finalizes event reports sent by the club leads.
5. Notifies managerial board members to pause or restart club activities or events.
6. Guides and helps the club leads whenever necessary.

Class Ambassadors
Since the organization is increasing in terms of its member base, it is becoming a tedious task for the Working Committee alone to handle the vast audience. Hence, Class Ambassadors have been introduced. The Class Ambassadors will be acting as the face of E-Cell in their respective classes and will act as a medium between the President and the General Body, with the help of a Class Ambassador Co-coordinator. The Class Ambassadors are from every year, Every Branch and Every class with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 from each.
More details are given here: tiny.cc/class ambassador.

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