Year Planner

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Year Planner(2023-24)
S.No. Date Title of the Event Resource Person
1. 07-10-2023 Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop Mr. Rajashekar, Corporate Trainer and Manager from RITE ACADEMY.
2. 16-10-2023 Innovation Day Dr.Ravi Kishore Singh, Principal, LIET(A).
3. 05-11-23 Hyderabad Chapter Summit-23 Abhishek Bannerjee, Founder of LotusDew Wealth.
4. 08-11-2023 Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” Mr.Abdul Noman Majeed, Associate Director, TBI, LIET(A).
5. 11-11-2023 National Education Day Mr.Noman Abdul Majeed, Associate Director, TBI, LIET(A).
6. 14-11-2023 My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Start-up founder. : Ms Fatima Khadar, Founder & CEO, Cupping.app
7. 21-11-2023 National Entrepreneurship Day Mr. U RajKumar, Founder of Mekuva Technologies
8. 29-11-2023 My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators. Mr Maaz Ahmed Khan, Founder & CEO, TorqElectric
9. 02-12-2023 Session on Achieving Problem-Solution Fit & Product-Market Fit Mr. Jagath Prakash, Corporate Trainer and Manager from Professional Educational Services.
10. 02-12-2023 National Pollution Control Day Mr,Abhishek Kumar. Associate at ADI Pvt.Ltd.
11. 12-12-2023 Organise Viksit Bharat@2047 Utsav in Campus and Watch the Inaugural Adress by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 11th Dec. 2023 Honourable Prime Minsiter, Shri Narendra Modi.PM of India.
12. 14-12-2023 National Energy Conservation Day (India) Mr.Vinay Kumar, Manager, Archie Conservation Pvt.Ltd.
13. 06-01-2024 Expert talk on “Process of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level (TRL)” & “Commercialisation of Lab Technologies & Tech-Transfer” Dr.Syed Azam Pasah Quadri, Vive Principal, LIET(A).
14. 16-01-2024 National Start-up Day Mr.Noman Abdul Majeed, Associate Director, TBI, LIET(A).
15. 20-01-2024 Organizing Innovation & Entrepreneurship Outreach Program in Schools/Community Dr. Asra Fathima, Assoc. Prof. of Civil Engg., LIET(A).
16. 19-02-2024 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behavior Development Dr.V.V.Satya Narayana, Professor, VJIT.
17. 11/03/24  

International Women’s Day Celebration

Mrs.Rizwana Begum, Secretary, LIET(A).
18. 03/04/24 Mathemative Day Mr.Irshad Ali, HoD, Mathematics Department, LIET(A).
19. 13/04/24 Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology’s International Faculty & Student Development Program Mr. Gazanfar Ali Zaki, Saudi NRI.
20. 16/04/2024 Seminar on “Softs kills for successful career Mrs.Imrana Fatima, Associate Director, Placements, LIET(A).
21. 23/04/24 AI Day Mr.Shaik Shavali, HoD CSE, LIET(A).
22. 25/04/24 to 26/04/24. Field/Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit/Patent Facilitation Centre/Technology Transfer Centre such as Atal Incubation Centre etc. Ms.L.Sudha, Coordinator, NIRD & PR,  Hyderabad.
23. 04-05-2024 Session on How to Plan Start Up Legal and Ethical Steps Nomaan Abdul Majeed, CMO and Associate Director of E Cell & TBI, LIET(A).
24. 14-05-25 Seminar on Research Innovation & IPR Prof.Rajashekar Mamillapali, NICMAR, Hyderabad.
25. 23-05-24 Education Tour-ISB, Hyderabad. Ms.Pooja Gupta, Coordinator, ISB, Hyderabad.
26. 25-5-24 Workshop on Prototype/Process Design Development. Dr. Abdul Rasool, HoD-CSM, LIET(A).
Year Planner(2022-23)
S.No. Date Title Resource Person
1 14-7-2022 IPR Awareness program IPR Awareness program – Mr. Ajay Kumar Paswan, Examiner of Patents and Designs, Govt of India.
2 1-10-2022 National Startup festival Mr. C S Jhadav, CEO, Instashield
3 13 -10-2022 UNESCO logo design competition Mr.Noman Majeed, Associate Director, TBI & Ecell, LIET
4 15-10-2022 Innovation day Hitesh M Patel, Promoter & Director Instashield
5 28-11-2022 My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators Mr Shams Quadri, Online Marketing Consultant, Full-Points.com
6 10th – 11th Dec, 2022 E-Summit Mr.Shams Quadri, Mr.C.K.Jadav
7 9-2-2023 Innovation Competition E-Cell
8 20-3-2023 Innovation and Enterpreneurship outreach programme E-Cell
9 12-4-2023 How to plan for start-up and legal & ethical steps Mr.Shams Quadri
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