Committee Management

Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Committee CompositionCommittee MembersRoles & Responsibilities
Sr NoName of FacultyRole
1Dr SRM Krishna , Professor, CSEConvener
2Mr Mohd Safiuddin , Assoc Professor,Civil EnggMember
3Mr Nithin, Asst Professor,Mechanical EnggMember
4Mr T.Santosh Kumar , Asst Professor ,EEEMember
5Mr Vijay Sajjan , Assoc Professor,ECEMember
6Mr D.Venkatesh Asst  Professor,ITMember
Roles & Responsibilities of IIIC Coordinator

  • Conducts meetings twice a semester and discusses how the prior programmes were and how the upcoming programmes should be done.
  • Supervises the working of IIIC activities and members.
  • Maintains the necessary files.
  • Convenes the meeting of the IIIC committee in consultation with the Principal and also attends the external meetings which relate to the industry.
  • Plans the IIIC regular activities like skill development programmes, Internships and Industry visits etc.
  • Maintain cordial relationship with industry people to get permissions and also invite industry experts to improve practical exposure to the students.
  • Encourages members to organize department level programmes with regards to IIIC.
  • Planning of the yearly chart of activities and ensures the execution takes place smoothly with the help of members and student coordinators.
  • Gives instructions and guidelines to the committee members to organize all the yearly activities with proper schedule.
  • Coordinate with Swot- Report Analysis & Planner.

Roles & Responsibilities of IIIC Faculty Member

  • Execute the semester chart of activities at the department level as per the instructions of the convener.
  • Motivate students to utilize industry interaction activities like skill development programmes, Internships and Industry visits etc.
  • Ensure department level execution of the IIIC activities.
  • Execute list of activities as per the IIIC planner.

Roles & Responsibilities of IIIC Student

  • Volunteer organization of Internship drives under the umbrella of IIIC.
  • Motivate students to participate in practical sessions like skill development programmes, Internships and Industry visits etc.
  • Reach out the IIIC academic plan to the students.
  • Organizing Guest lecturers with industry experts on latest technologies.
  • Making Students under various professional membership units and events.
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