Student Counseling Committee

Student Counseling/ Mentoring, Grievances Redressal Cell


Grievances and Redressal Committee formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere and to uphold the dignity of the college by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the College to promote cordial relationship among the students and teachers. This cell records the complaints given by the students/parents and solves their problems. Suggestion complaint boxes have been installed at different places in LIET college campus. The person concerned can personally approach /write/e-mail to any member of the Cell.
The Student Mentoring and Counselling Committee aims to offer meaningful mentoring, counselling and support to the students in their career development and professional growth. The students must be adapting to the ever-charging environment as fast as possible.
By respecting his /her own values, choices and lifestyles the faculty can work together with the students and play the role as an enabler in making choices or changes that are appropriate for him/her.

  • All the grievances of the students/staff which could not be settled in the routine process should be referred to this committee.
  • Committee tries to settle the issues amicably in a time bound manner.
  • Introduces a reasonable and reliable solution for grievances of various issues received from students/parents.
  • Ensures that the grievances are resolved on time impartially and confidentially.



  • To ensure and develop values, capabilities and skills among students.
  • To develop qualities, attitude and skills for the students to work in a team and improve interpersonal, communication skills etc.
  • To motivate the students for participation in various activities within and outside the college.
  • To receive written complaints from students regarding any kind of grievances and suggest appropriate remedies.
  • To forward recommendation to the principal for consideration and necessary action.
  • To operate suggestion boxes and attend to the suggestions on fortnight basis.
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