S.No. Project  Title Roll No. Name of the Student Project Guide
1 Intelligent Home Automation System Using Bit Voicer 14M21A0406 Mohd Amjad Ali Guide:Ms.Shaik Asra Tabassum
14M21A0407 Zubaid Ahmed
14M21A0433 Mohd Awais
2 Secure Iot Platform For Industrial Control System 14M21A0416 Mohd Omer Khan Guide: Mr.Abdul Wasay
14M21A0421 Ashjan Ahmed Khan
3 A Two-Level Traffic Light Control Strategy For Preventing Incident Based On Urban Traffic Congestion. 14M21A0427 Mir Ishaq Ali Khan Guide: Mr.B.Eshwar Coguide:Ms.Jeevana Jyothi
14M21A0437 Mohd.Abdul Rafeeq
14M21A0458 Riyazuddin Qureshi
14M21A0449 Syed Abdul Wahab Tajwar
4 Women Security Assistance System With Gps Tracking And Messaging System 14M21A0430 Md.Azeemuddin Guide:Dr.Supriya  Coguide:D. Narasimha
14M21A0431 Mohd Subhan
14M21A0445 Mohd Awad Ali Khan
14M21A0460 Mohammed Abdul Yaseen
5 Implementation Of Smart Restaurant With E-Menu Card. 14M21A0418 Syed Saif Uddin Guide: Sanjai Prasad Rao
14M21A0428 Mohd Ilyas Khan
14M21A0435 Syed Saif
14M21A0451 Md. Ashraf
6 Design And Implementation Of A Fingerprint Based Lock System For Shared Access 14M21A0401 Vavilala Srilatha Guide:                                   Mr. G.Parameshwar Coguide:Ms.Hymavathi
14M21A0402 Faisal Kaled Awadh Al-Saleh
14M21A0404 Chetla Hemalatha
14M21A0447 R Swaroopa Reddy
7 Automatic Color  Inspection For Colored Wires In Electric Cables. 14M21A0403 Vangala Shiva Naga Malleswara Rao Guide:Mr.Sultan
14M21A0409 Mamidi Shashidhidhar
14M21A0414 Kamutam Manoj
14M21A0417 R Sriram Pranav
8 Designing A Low Cost Data Transfer Unit For Use In Iot Application 14M21A0411 Janamola Varalakshmi Guide:Ms.Tayyab Unnisa       Begum
14M21A0419 Deepak Singh
14M21A0424 Pendyala Akhil
14M21A0443 G.Mounika
9 Effective Ways To Use  Iot In The Field Of Medical And Smart Health Care. 14M21A0405 Manche Vijaya Bhargavi Yadav Guide:Mr.S.V. Altaf
14M21A0413 Swamy Shiva Kumar
14M21A0420 Sukka Bhavani
14M21A0446 Mohd. Parvez Ali
10 Embedded System For The Detection Of Illegal Hunting And Logging 14M21A0412 K.Akash Reddy Guide:Mr.S.V.Altaf Coguide:Mr. Muralidhar
14M21A0423 Mittapalli Monica
14M21A0429 Eramayana Thirumaleshwari
14M21A0468 Mayank Agarwal
11 Hand Field Device For Data Transfer Between Two Usb Sticks 14M21A0408 C.Niharika Guide:Mr. Surender Reddy
14M21A0439 Rohit Sharma
14M21A0450 A. Bharath Kumar Goud
14M21A0454 E.Narayana
12 Smart Bank Locker Security System Using Biometric Fingerprint And Gsm Technology 14M21A0415 N Jugal Hansraj Guide:Mr,Rasool
14M21A0426 Nayanjyoti Patowary
14M21A0473 Bikash Jyoti Das
13 Real Time Automated Black Board Eraser Using Embedded System 15M25A0404 M.Rakesh Guide: Mr.Abdul Wasay
15M25A0406 Kaunain
15M25A0407 Ebran Ansari
15M25A0408 Md.Rashid Anwer
14 Android Based Navigation System For Elderly  People In Hospital 14M21A0462 Vennapu Reddy Spandana Guide: Mr. E.Shilpa
14M21A0476 Kukkala Pravalika
15M25A0402 M.Deepika
15 Automation, Digitalization And Security Of  Blood Banks 14M21A0463 Sara Sulthana Guide:Dr.Supriya
14M21A0464 Bushra Begam
15M25A0401 Ali Md Mohsin
15M25A0405 Al Hussain Ali Salih Mohammed