FDP on Game Changers Entrepreneurship

FDP on Game Changers Entrepreneurship

FDP on Game Changers Entrepreneurship

Type of the event: FDP

Title of the event: MBA FIVE Days FDP Workshop – The Game Changers Entrepreneurship & Next Gen Technologies

Resource Person with one line short profile: Mr. Gazanfar Ali Zaki: Inaugural speaker and accomplished Saudi NRI Entrepreneur, emphasized the choice between entrepreneurship and traditional job roles, particularly inspiring female students.

Description about the event (50 Words): Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology hosted its inaugural International Faculty & Student Development Program on Entrepreneurship & Next Gen Technologies, a groundbreaking event aimed at fostering innovation and excellence in education. The program, held both online and offline, featured esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds who shared their insights and expertise on entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. Impact and Significance:The event garnered significant attention for its comprehensive coverage of entrepreneurship and next-gen technologies, particularly resonating with the vibrant ecosystem of Saudi Arabia. With a diverse array of speakers and topics, the program served as a catalyst for fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship amongst students and faculty alike.

Organized by : Department of Management Studies

Date of event: April 13-18, 2024

No.of students/participants attended: 70+

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