HacktoberFest 2023

HacktoberFest 2023

HacktoberFest 2023

Type of the event: Pre-Hackathon

Title of the event: CodeWave Hub: HacktoberFest 2023

Resource Person:
1) Ashwin Kumar Uppala, Associate Program Manager
2) Afnan Abdul Vasay, GitHub Campus Expert

Description of the event (50 Words):
HacktoberFest 2023 was a two-day event organized on 18 & 19 October by CodeWave Hub that introduced students and aspiring developers to the thrilling world of open-source contributions, web development, and technology. This immersive learning experience provided attendees practical knowledge and hands-on experience in these domains. CodeWave Hub demystified the world of open source, highlighted its significance, and guided participants through finding and contributing to open-source projects. The Keynote speaker of the event was Ashwin Kumar Uppala, Associate Program Manager at GitHub & Afnan Abdul Vasay a GitHub Campus Expert. Special Guests were Santosh, Ambassador of the Interledger Foundation and the speakers were Izhan Ali, Fareeduddin & Mohd Mujahed from CSE-AIML Department. It was a journey where students learned and experienced the power of coding and collaboration.

Organized by: CodeWave Hub

Date of event: 18 and 19 October 2023

No.of students/participants attended: 250+

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